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Knowledge of a new language is a valuable skill to possess, but living in a new country and gaining insight on the society and culture along with it, is a truly rewarding experience. Ayub Dawood seeks out the best linguistic courses

Learning a new language can act both, as an additional skill as well as, an attribute that can help expand the scope for career opportunities overseas. Apart from having technical know-how regarding the language of a certain country, it is also very crucial to know the socio-cultural background of the people living in the same. The key to achieving this is to opt for a programme in the country from where the particular language has originated. This not only provides a better and closer understanding of the language but it also gives an insight into the local culture and colloquialisms attached to it. This is made possible by the personal interaction with the people and participation in their cultural events along with day to day life.
There is a diversity of cultures which changes from country to country and even regions within countries. Shifting to a foreign destination whether for academic or professional reasons isn’t only confined to a change of language as it also involves a  transition into a completely different socio-cultural background. Picking linguistic courses abroad is a mode of closely studying the culture of some of the most important and rapidly emerging countries of the world. We bring you the numerous courses that enable students to go out of the classroom and mingle with the cultural background of their surroundings.



China is emerging as a major player in the world economy. To have a successful career, it plays to your advantage if you possess a good command over the Chinese language and a culture which allows professionals to effectively interact with a lot of new people in professional as well as personal life. What better place to learn Chinese than the premier city in China itself. It not only allows one to master a language but have a complete experience and understanding of Chinese culture.

Course: Chinese Language Program.
Duration: Three months
Classes: Twenty classes per week along with social and cultural events.

CLIC Sevilla

Spain is one of the most spectacular countries in Europe and also a much preferred destination for tourists and professionals alike. Spanish is the second highest used language with it being spoken in many other countries. Not only is the language, even the culture of Spain a very colourful and vibrant one which varies from region to region. Learning Spanish is even better when you do it along with immersing yourself into the various aspects of local culture.

Course: Cultural programme
Duration: One year
Eligibility: minimum age seventeen.
Classes: twenty or thirty lessons per week and outdoor interactive tours with cultural events.


Genki Japanese & culture school
Japan is another nation that has emerged on the global scene as an economic power and also as a cultural revelation. Japan is one destination that is preferred by many who are looking to give a thrust to their career. It also is a haven for travellers who like to explore new cultures, with its rich heritage and a lot to offer in matters of art and culture. Japan apart from history has also evolved very urban and modern cultural values while sticking to roots. Japanese culture can only be completely experienced by personal interaction and living in the Japan, and that can be done best when done at a school having branches in the biggest cities of Japan.

Course: Japanese plus traditional culture / Japanese plus pop culture.
Duration: Five weeks.
Eligibility: Minimum age for applying is eighteen.
Classes: Twenty to twenty five lessons per week.

Moscow State University
Russia has for a long time been a culture which hasn’t been in the spotlight, and that is precisely why there is a lot to explore about Russian culture. Also studying in Russia opens up students to many opportunities and make a career for themselves, in a country which is both a stable and also opening its doors to people. The best way to know it all about the society and culture is to live there and experience the way of life as well as the behaviour and nature of people there. Doing a linguistics course in Russia  provides a chance to achieve all this.

Courses: Group, private and evening Russian programmes.
Duration: Both short term and long term.
Classes: Three classes a week.

Goethe Institute
Germany in the recent years has come up as a strong economic power and a leading nation in Europe and the world alike. Many opportunities for professionals and students alike are emerging from Germany’s booming industrial scenario, and this is precisely why it has evolved as a highly preferred destination. To live in Germany a knowledge of the language is essential but not without an insight on the cultural background of the country. The best way to acquire a complete knowledge on both subject matters is to study German in Germany itself, while going out and exploring the people and their social environment.

Course: Intensive and premium courses along with cultural and leisure-time program.
Duration: Three months.
Classes: 45 minute classes along with outdoor cultural and leisure activities.


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