• He has very high self-esteem, but not ego
  • The attractive ‘R’ shows very good public lovability
  • Circled ‘i’ dot shows a very good sense of humour
  • All letters are clear; he is open and straightforward
  • There are many breaks in the signature; he is skeptical and does not have inner faith in anyone
  • The ‘K’ is made in shortcut by using ‘R,’ showing he may deal with partners in shortcuts
  • The wavy underline shows high fluctuation in confidence levels
  • The ‘R’ of ‘Ranbir’ is made in style; he befools others in matters of his likings


  • The signature is in two lines: normally such people are very laborious but the benefits are reaped by others
  • High letters show that she is very hardworking
  • The big ‘f’ says she is sincere
  • The ‘k,’‘t’ cross, and ‘i’ dot give shades to other letters on right side. This shows an overly helping nature and susceptibility to emotional blackmail.
  • The ‘t’ without loop shows she has good vision but is not able to implement her plans and ideas properly
  • The pen is lifted after first stroke. This shows a very alert person who cannot be easily carried away by other’s baseless talks
  • The ‘i’ dot is up in air, which shows carelessness in the finer aspects of any activity
  • The missing ‘na’ shows she is careless about her personal comfort needs and may even avoid timely food and sleep
  • The ‘n’ without arch shows she incapable of acting tough or dictating authority without disturbing relations
  • The very big ‘K’ of ‘Kaif’ shows she is overly caring for her family and partners


No surname shows she is self-centred and calculative in a relationship. She believes in tit-for-tat and feels all alone internally.Covered ‘A’ shows inner fear and insecurity. ‘An’ is intermixed, showing a high desire for friendship; however, she may waste time, money, and energy over others uselessly. The base of ‘k’ going down means she is internally disturbed and may feel like crying all alone. Pointed dots show that she is an expert at arguments. The missing ‘A’ cross shows that she proceeds without proper planning. The last ‘a’ says she has very poor returns on her efforts and poor recovery of her dues.


  • First letter is not a clear ‘K’; initially others may misunderstand him; however, he is a straightforward, clean person inside
  • The long underline and high ‘h’ without loop shows that he has extraordinary vision but is bad at implementing plans for personal profit
  •  He is very emotional and touchy
  • He is an expert in projecting himself and has very high self-esteem
  • The deep ‘j’ going down shows an extremely high anger level
  • He is focused and an expert at arguments
  • He has love, care and respect for his immediate circle but underestimates their capabilities
  • The dot over ‘j’ is high up in air, which shows he is careless about the details of any activity and may often commit silly mistakes
  • Finally, ‘j’ cut by underline shows that he is not able to digest his own mistakes and gets disturbed over minor mistakes at his end


  • Full continuity if letters show that he is very emotional and touchy
  • The ‘n’ shifting deep down shows that he gets overly irritated if not cared for by others properly
  • ‘A’ is not in full and he has avoided crossing ‘A.’ This shows he is overly submissive to partners but avoids proper interaction with them, preferring to deal with them in short cuts
  • The ‘b’ and ‘h’ without loops show excellent vision but poor implementation of plans and ideas
  • The base levels are up-down-up; he is highly confused and always in two minds
  • The last ‘a’ is open from the top; he has an open mouth and can be blunt if pushed to a corner
  • The high but unclear ‘b’ shows he is very caring for assistants and children, yet they may misunderstand him
  • The ‘n’ like ‘u’ and ‘m’ like ‘w’ shows he cannot act tough or dictate authority without disturbing relation.

Volume 1 Issue 1


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