Celeb Secrets – Konkanaa Bakshe – Feb 2014


Konkanaa Bakshe is a former beauty queen who won the coveted titles of Miss India East in 2009 and Miss Elegance World 2008. She is also going to be making her grand debut into Bollywood with a film in the works

What is your skin care regime?
A mix of yoga, detox, facial and antioxidant tablets.

What is your magic makeup trick?
I like curling my hair after a wash, as I am not a big fan of using regular heat for blow drying.

What is your favourite fragrance?
Versus by Versace

Your key to a beautiful body and mind
I swear by yoga

What do you consider a fashion faux pas?
For women, wearing colour coordinated clothes and coloured contact lenses. And for men, it would be old and torn belts and overly visible brands.

What is your advice for our readers?
Keep it neat, clean and fresh.


Volume 3 Issue 8


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