Graphology: Art Of Reading Of An Individual’s Personality

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Graphology is the art of reading of an individual’s character, personality, mindset, and relationship approach through the analysis of anything written, scribbled, or even doodled by that individual. Rafiullah Baig, Director of the Handwriting Institute of India, says, “Handwriting is nothing but a projection of one’s subconscious mind on paper. Graphology is a branch of psychology that aims at identifying human traits by analysis of one’s writing.”

Graphology is applied in a variety of fields. Graphologists are called upon to consult on a variety of criminal cases, from authentication of signatures or handwriting in case of a legal dispute to the identification of violent or suicidal traits from written notes. In case of the corporate sector, graphologists often work with human resources and recruitment agencies for identifying candidates at the razor’s edge for competitive, high-level positions. Graphology finds therapeutic application with counsellors and some even attempt to change their personality through modification of handwriting and signatures.

If you are already thinking of pursuing one of these careers, a course in graphology can help immensely. Purvi Shah (24), a teacher, has done a diploma course from the Institute of Graphology and Personal Success, Mumbai. Shah says, “Graphology has been immensely useful to me to understand my students’ mindsets and to teach them more effectively.” It is also useful for the development of one’s personal relationships by understanding others’ personalities and habits.

Professional earnings from graphology depend upon one’s experience, qualifications, and client requirements. The range generally varies from Rs. 500 to Rs. 5,000. A career in this field is best suited to talkative, sociable, sincere, and mature people who can afford to practice graphology as a hobby, to begin with.

If you feel that Graphology is a field you can build your career in then you must do the following:

1. Visit a graphologist and get your own signature analyzed. This will be a direct self-check on your interest. Then decide whether you wish to learn more about this field.

2. Read a book on the subject. Handwriting Analysis by Andrea McNichol and Jeffrey A Nelson and Instant Handwriting Analysis by Ruth Gardner are recommended.

3. Attend a graphology training class.

4. Learn human psychology and develop your communication and interpersonal skills to understand each individual’s personal circumstances.

5. Understand management needs properly to render corporate services.

Graphology is a field less explored by many and is highly in demand. If it is something that has intrigued you, then you must definitely consider this as your career option.


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