Saturday, November 26, 2022

LinkedIn Unlimited

Linkedin is the Latest Platform to Provide a Host of Options in One's Career. Jasmine Chabria Explores Linkedin's Treasures Isn’t LinkedIn just about business networking? This...

Hey Nerd Capitalise Your Extra Curricular Activities

99.99%, Mugging Up Prior to Exams - These aren't the Trend Anymore, at Least for the Progressive Beings. Youth Inc Enlightens You on How...

Snip your way to Success

In a Growing Effort to Always Please Society's Glamorous Needs, It's no Mystery that a Career Like Hairstyling Has Gained Prominence, Finds Alisha Sheth From...

Applying for A Job K.I.T.

Tanu Van DE Bunte tells you to keep it together when you don't hear back from your Dram Job Waiting to hear back from a...


Award for Outstanding Contribution to Societal Development Shri Madan Mitra, Minister in Charge, Department of Sports and Transport       Life Time Achievement Award Qasim Ibrahim, Founder, Villa College Prof...
email sign-off

Sincerely, me!

You've just finished composing an email to a potential client you've talked with a few times before. Now comes the tricky part your email...

Video Resumes: Showing Your Face In Today’s Job Search

Suki Shah, The CEO and Co-Founder of, talks about the importance of creating a video resume to really stand out from the crowd
video resume

A Shortfilm Of Your Qualifications: Video Resume

Anushi Mandelecha gives you the low down on how to make a video resume and stand out from the crowd!

To The Top!

An elevator pitch can help you sell your company to investors. Check out Youth Inc's handy guide on creating one


BMM student Aarish Daruwalla talks about his experience as a professional DJ while he mixes music and study When others his age were busy playing...