6 Traits Of Successful Event Professionals

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In the event industry, everyday is a rollercoaster ride. You are either negotiating with vendors, brainstorming ideas that suit a client’s needs and budget or are fire-fighting in the middle of an event. Even though it sounds like a daunting job, there are many people who are passionate about being part of such an affair and crave the adrenaline rush that comes with it.

Event planning requires no major certification or degree, what’s important is being equipped with the right traits and qualities that can help you succeed in the field of event planning and managing.

Do you wish to be part of the event industry and have often wondered if you have it in you? Don’t worry – even if you weren’t ‘born’ to be an event professional, the right attitude and quality experience can surely get you there.

Here are 6 key traits that you must ace to succeed in the field of event management –

Strong Communicators

Communication in the event industry is multi-dimensional. From clients and vendors to your own team members – you are likely to be met with different kinds of personalities on a daily basis and in order to get work done, you need to be a strong communicator.

Not only should be good with words but you must also deliver your point clearly and respectfully. Whether you are sending an e-mail or interacting with someone in person, ensure you communicate effectively.

What’s important to keep in mind is that everyone does not reciprocate in the same manner, so gauge the person/situation and be smart enough to adapt your communicate style accordingly.


You can never be prepared enough – this line definitely holds true in the world of events. A great event professional needs to be flexible and agile. Firstly, not all the ideas you pitch will get the client’s approval so always be ready to offer more ideas instead of taking it personally and getting disappointed.

Coming to the day of the event – you need to be prepared for the worst and have a plan B for everything. What if you are organizing an outdoor event and are met with sudden rains? What if you decorator goes missing in action 2 days before an event? What if the emcee falls ills on the morning of the event?

These are what an event manager’s nightmares are made of which is why having a back up is a must to ensure the event runs smoothly.

Networking Skills

You need to work towards building your pool of contacts, at every stage which makes good networking skills a very important trait to have.

Your working relations should not end with an event. Work on building and maintaining genuine connections, doing timely follow-ups and constantly networking online and offline to strengthen your reputation and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

You never know who from your list of connections can come to your rescue when you need them the most.

Decision Makers

While sometimes you have the luxury of time to take a decision, at other times, you are required to take quick decisions – either way, event professionals need to be smart decision makers in order to be good at their job.

While taking decisions, have your eyes set on the goal and take the final call basis facts, insights and patterns instead of following your instincts.

That said, you will make bad decisions along the way but don’t let them demotivate you. Instead, learn from those bitter experiences and rise above them.

Effective Leaders

Being an event manager does not necessarily make you a good leader. In order to ensure a productive working environment, you need to be able to lead your team effectively.

Apart from identifying your team members’ strengths and delegating tasks well, you need to also have exceptional interpersonal skills, be an attentive listener and create a conducive environment for your team to deliver their best and grow.

Managing events requires enthusiasm and passion, and as the team leader, it is your responsibility to ensure your team is motivated to perform well.

Be Well Informed

With developments taking place practically every day, you need to ensure you are well informed and updated with the latest trends and happenings. Whether it is new technology that you can incorporate or better ways to market the event – you need to be a know-it-all when it comes to the event industry.

So, subscribe to event and marketing websites to keep yourself updated, attend interesting events taking place and always be ready to learn and experiment in order to be a successful event professional.


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