Saturday, December 4, 2021

7 Things You Should Know Before Your First Internship

Let’s face it, you need as much experience as you can get before your first paying job after campus. The best way to get...

Show me the Moolah !

Negotitating your salary is one of the most important steps of your job interview. Get what you deserve with these tips !

A Complete No For These At Your Workplace!!

At some point or the other; people always do something they are not supposed to at work. Minal Patodia lists the top ten things that could get you in serious troble

Importance Of Soft Skills At The Work Place

Spending half of your life educating yourself and building your CV will get you an interview appointment at the desired firm, and your knowledge...


BMM student Aarish Daruwalla talks about his experience as a professional DJ while he mixes music and study When others his age were busy playing...

Freelance At A Glance

The era of depending on recruiters for job opportunities is long gone. Stepping ahead the yesteryears, the employers today only want you and your...
student cv

How To Build Your CV As A Student

Apekshit Varshney provides some tips on how to work towards creating an impressive resume while you are still studyingWhat do you think goes a...
productive work environment

Happy Working

Rohit Gupta tells us how to use simple methods to maintain a productive work environment Companies always find themselves trapped in one of the ever...
cafe culture

Indians Are Kicking Out The 9-5 Job Concept & Making The Cafe Culture Their...

Some 15-20 years ago, India was completely unaware of the ‘cafe culture’ which is primarily a way of life in the west....

Ready, Steady, Success!

Maya Daswani, an internationally recognised soft skills and finishing school trainer and CEO of persona power, gives her take on workplace etiquette