Friday, September 29, 2023
Impostor syndrome

Overcoming Impostor Syndrome In Different Setups

Have you ever thought about how you feel when you think of your accomplishments? Do you experience a sense of joy, or...
productive at work

Your Guide To Becoming Productive At Work

Get the skinny on how to maximize your productivity at the workplace so you can enjoy your time more!
creative career

Creative Careers For Those Who Think Out Of The Box

In a world where people are blindly running after the conventional careers in a race to become doctors, engineers, lawyers and IS...
part time activites

Part-Time Activities For College Students Can Engage Themselves In

College is not just an educational institution but a foundation that prepares you to survive efficiently in your future life. Unlike school,...
social sector

Job Roles In The Social Sector For A Financially Sustainable Career

The social sector is one of the many industries that require extensive research and fieldwork. Today's youth is open to explore different...

To The Top!

An elevator pitch can help you sell your company to investors. Check out Youth Inc's handy guide on creating one
tech space

Skills You Need To Excel In The Tech Space Today

We live in a world where being digitally literate is not a quality, but a necessity and often a requirement at the...
job interview

Why Aren’t You Hearing Back From A Job Interview?

Even when you do everything right in your job interview, things can go wrong when it comes to hearing back from the...
email sign-off

Sincerely, me!

You've just finished composing an email to a potential client you've talked with a few times before. Now comes the tricky part your email...
Quiet Quitting

What Is The Trend Of Quiet Quitting And Why Is It On The Rise?

Going to work every day feels like a mammoth task these days. Moreover, after adapting to work-from-home culture thanks to the COVID-19...