Things You Should Never Say While At Work

never say this at workplace
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We all want to feel free when at work. We thus try to make ourselves comfortable. While there is nothing wrong with this, we must not cross the lines. There are things we must never say at work lest it dangerously affects our professional identity. 


never say this at workplace

Abusing or cursing since forever has being considered immoral. This said, it becomes quite obvious that one must definitely refrain from using abusive language or words. Needless to say that abusing and cursing does not give out a good professional impression of you. This can come in the way of your progress. 

“That’s not my job” 

There are high chances that you might have said it many times. Think about it. What kind of a team player are you if you say this? A company is built by each and every person who works for it right from the menial staff to the board of directors. If your colleague requires your help, step forward and help. Besides, you never know when you might require help. So try to never say this for your own benefit. 

“ I don’t have time to do this” 

never say this at workplace

It’s not like someone is asking you to decorate their desk for you. If you are working at the office and if your team requires you to do something urgently, you must do it. Reschedule a few things that can be done later. 

“How much do you get paid ?” 

Asking this is outright unethical and is also an offence. You really should not be concerned about how much others are earning. 

“Why don’t you do this?”

never say this at workplace

There is no need to tell anyone what they should and should not do. It’s called ‘poking your nose in others’ business’. Everyone knows their work, duties and responsibilities very well just like you. 

“Now I know this is a little stupid but…..”

Never say this. If  you say this, you put yourself down. Present your idea and wait for people to react. If you yourself start putting yourself down or show no faith in yourself, you end up making the others actually believe that your idea isn’t that great. 

“No! This doesn’t make sense”

Here is a simple question- Would you like it if people said this after you proposed your idea/plan to them? 

Okay so you don’t think that the idea makes sense but there is a way in which you must put this thought of yours to the team. Never say “No!This doesn’t make sense”. What you can say is “You do have a point but….” or “I think that this might not work because…”

“My time is up. I am not waiting any longer” 

never say this at workplace

Which job these days is strictly 9-5? Waiting a little longer for something very urgent won’t affect your “personal space”. Saying this again proves that you are not a team player, you do not take your work seriously and you aren’t flexible. 

“Umm…I am not sure”

never say this at workplace

Being sure and staying firm on your thoughts speaks of you being a strong minded individual. However, saying things like “Umm..I am not sure” or “I don’t know” indicates towards you being confused and unaware of things. 

“I am so bored” 

Getting tired and getting bored are two different things. Make sure you don’t confuse them. Getting bored is also fine but not everyday. We all need a break from work but don’t go about announcing this in the office. Moreover, if you are getting too bored almost everyday with your work, maybe it’s time to reconsider your choice of job. 

Do you have any more lines that one must never say at work? Let us know in the comments section below. 


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