Careers To Explore If You Have An Interest In Space Science

space science
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When one thinks about the many careers that can be explored in space science, astronauts are the first professionals that come to mind. However, there are various other opportunities in terms of employment in space science. If you are interested in working in a field that involves studying the planets, the solar system, and other aspects of the universe, consider looking into the many opportunities for careers in space science.


While the astronaut who travels to outer space gets most of the public’s attention, it is the engineer who makes space exploration travel possible. In addition to designing spacecrafts, space vehicles, and space stations, engineers also create space satellites that help us better understand the weather and climate conditions that impact people’s daily lives. Job opportunities for computer engineers, aerospace engineers, material engineers, mechanical engineers, robotics engineers, and telecommunications engineers are available.

Space Scientists

Many scientists choose to pursue research and development careers in space science. For example, many pharmacology researchers are investigating ways to develop new medications from substances discovered during space exploration trips. Job opportunities for astrophysicists, biologists, biochemists and biophysicists, geoscientists, atmospheric scientists and meteorologists, and physicians and surgeons are open and are worth exploring. 

Technologist and Technician Positions

In addition to the engineers who design space science technology and the scientists who specialize in making sense of what is discovered in outer space, technologists and technicians play an important role in the field of space science. These individuals work closely with the engineers and scientists to build, test, and perfect various types of space technology and innovations. Telecommunications technicians and AutoCAD operators are two professions that have a high demand in space science. 


Electricians work with electrical power by installing, maintaining, and repairing all wiring systems and controls, such as lighting and communication systems. You’ll need to select the educational path best suited for you. Some certificate programs are offered in electrical technology. You may choose an associate degree program. Another path into this career is through an apprenticeship program usually four years long that offers pay, classes, and on-the-job training while you learn. Laser technicians, Quality assurance specialists, radar and sonar technicians, robotic technicians, and satellite technologists are some of the in-demand opportunities in this field.

A few places to seek out your scientific job opportunities in space programs include:

NASA Careers: Visit the NASA website to search for open positions within the U.S. National Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA) and to find out how to apply for federal jobs with the agency. 

Space Careers Job Board: The job board has a wealth of information beneficial to individuals seeking space science career opportunities. All postings on this board are for positions working directly in space science, or performing services for companies that specialize in providing goods and services for the aerospace industry. Qualified professionals can register and post their resumes on this site and search through the listings of open positions. Employers may search resumes and post their job announcements. 

Space Individuals: This job board provides listings of available jobs with space companies throughout the world. To review job openings, you will need to select the country you are interested in working in, and from there you can scroll through available positions. You can also register with the site to receive free emails twice per month that contain information about new job listings, employers in the space industry, and articles of interest to those who are pursuing career opportunities in the industry. 

Space Force: With the creation of the sixth branch of the military, the Space Force, new opportunities for space careers will be available to military personnel and civilians.

Employers who hire space science workers are looking for highly skilled applicants with very specialized training and skills. If it sounds like the space science field is the right one for you, it’s important to investigate the different types of jobs that appeal to you. Use what you learn through your research to make sound decisions about getting the training you need to work in this industry. Once you have the necessary qualifications, you’ll be able to start applying and interviewing for positions in this rewarding field.


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