How Does a FASTag Scanner Work?

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FASTag has been introduced by the Indian Government to encourage cashless payment of fees at all toll plazas along the national highway. Four-wheelers and commercial vehicles must use FASTags to avoid penalties. FASTag uses radio frequency identification technology (RFID) which is scanned at the interceptor installed at toll plazas.

From February 16th, 2021, all four-wheelers are mandated to have FASTag installed on their vehicles. The government has adopted the FASTag facility, a cashless approach, where the entire toll tax amount is gathered to prevent long lines across national highways. 

What is a FASTag scanner?

A FASTag scanner is an electronic gadget put at toll gates that allows you to travel through toll booths on Indian national roads and pay toll taxes without using cash. The tag can be topped-up as needed with a FASTag recharge during its five-year lifespan.

The FASTag barcode scanner sends a signal when your automobile passes through the toll gate to read the FASTag on the windshield. To successfully use cashless payment at the toll plaza, your FASTag status must be active, and the tag must be connected to your prepaid wallet. 

Several banks offer a FASTag wallet facility through which you can track and recharge your tag. IDFC FIRST Bank is among the most popular banks for FASTags as it offers complete access to your account, discounts on fuel purchases and, you can also pay for parking through your FASTag. 

How does the FASTag scanner work?

A four-wheeler owner qualifies for an uninterrupted driving experience throughout all toll plazas along the Indian national highways once they acquire a FASTag and attach it to their vehicle. Here’s how FASTag works:

  • The FASTag is attached to your vehicle’s windscreen after being connected to your prepaid account.
  • The NHAI has installed FASTag scanners at every toll booth on Indian roadways.
  • The scanners turn on their RFID technology and look for the FASTag sticker on the car’s windscreen.
  • The scanner sends a signal to that sticker instructing it to deduct the specified amount from the associated digital wallet using your FASTag.
  • By creating a FASTag statement, you may check the FASTag balance and other toll tax information.

Benefits of FASTag Scanner

  • In the long run, FASTag helps the environment because it uses less paper and fuel.
  • You can also have regular, monthly passes converted to FASTag receipts. There is an online application process for businesses and fleet owners to complete.
  • It has helped in making toll operations more efficient.
  • The management of your toll expenses will become simpler with FASTag.
  • You will only need to slow down your car at the toll booths if you use FASTag technology. You will save time and fuel. 
  • There is almost no delay or traffic jam at the toll plazas because cars do not have to stop or slow down.
  • Several toll plazas are encountered when travelling by road between cities or states. You can use FASTag to pay for tolls electronically and have a hassle-free driving experience during your trip. 

In the present day, having an active FASTag status is a necessity on highways. In addition to reducing congestion at toll booths, it also results in fuel savings because of shorter wait times. In turn, this lowers pollution and benefits the environment. Additionally, an SMS or email is sent to you each time a toll fee is deducted from your account. This makes it easier to keep tabs on your toll expenses for a given trip.


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