Building India Inc.’22 | The Annual Business Summit of DMS, IIT Delhi

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Building India Inc. 2022

The Department of Management Studies IIT Delhi is an established name not only in the academic fraternity but also in the corporate world. The Department envisions attaining global prominence through value-based management education driven by high-impact research. The Department has produced highly acclaimed professionals and academicians the world over.

This March, the department of management studies will once again witness a magnificent turnout of professionals, academicians, and students alike hailing from different parts of the country for the Annual Flagship Business Summit, Building India Inc. 2022.

Organized by the Industry Interaction Committee, Building India Inc. is a platform that brings together the country’s greatest minds in business, economics, and innovation to discuss issues that touch the lives of all Indians. The Business Summit is known for raising topics of contemporary Indian relevance, discussing possible solutions to problems voiced by practitioners, and deliberating best practices to translate India’s experiences to propel remarkable growth.

This year their theme is Revamping India: An Homage to the past, A Stand for the present, and A Dream for the future.

In the past, India has led the development of civilization for thousands of years. Its incredible history has left a legacy of glorious culture, deep-rooted traditions, rich philosophy, and great literature. Modern India now must do the same. It must work towards progress and development while honoring its inheritance. 

With the shift in the global landscape, India’s prominence is rising, as seen by the growth of its economy, its importance in the IT sector, and its technological advancements in defense and space technology.

Revamping India represents what India’s development story should be. It isn’t about making India the best in the global store and winning favors in the world. It is about becoming a preferred partner for the worldwide community, sharing knowledge, and practicing cross-cultural collaboration with our neighbors while making progress in science and technology.


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