Bollywood Songs We Dance On But Must Criticize

bollywood songs
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Imagine Bollywood without songs.

Is that even possible? From Aakhon Hi Aakhon Mai Ishara Ho Gaya to Abb Karunga Tere Saath Gandi Baat, ”Bollywood has definitely come a long way” and has evolved to become outspoken, courageous, bold and brazen. While being all this is good and must be appreciated, it has also become vulgar to a large extent.

This vulgarity is seen in both, the movies and songs. What is surprising is that we all sing along and also dance to these songs. In a world so progressive, where most of us freely voice our opinions about various issues and solutions for the same, most of them being social, quiet ironically we fail to implement them in our own personal lives.

We are presenting a list of few bollywood songs that you must have, without a doubt danced on or at least must have sung/hummed

1. Ooh lala Ooh lala (The Dirty Picture)

This one has to top the list. Its lyrics should have crept all of us out, but instead made us dance on it and also mirror the same expression as that of Vidya Balan and Nasiruddin Shah. If you’ll haven’t realized what you’ll have been singing and dancing to, one Google search of its lyrics is a must. Maybe then you might reconsider keeping this song in your playlist.

2. Aa Re Pritam Pyaare (Rowdy Rathore)

This song crossed all limits. It did receive some flak but that didn’t stop us from grooving on its beat. It was played during most of the festivals like Dahi Handi, Ganpati Visarjan and Holi.  

3. Gandi Baat (R Rajkumar)

This song is literally like a tutorial teaching how to stalk a person you love and get him/her to love you by hook or crook. To help you realize what song we have been enjoying for such a long time, here is a bit of it…..

”Beedi peeke nukkad pe wait tera kiya re
Khali-peeli athara (18) cup chai bhi toh piya re Raja beta banke maine jab sharafat dikhayi
Tune bola ‘hatt mawaali’ bhaav nahi diya re
ABCD padhli bohot
Thandi aahein bhar li bohot
Acchi baatein kar li bohot
Ab karunga tere saath
Gandi baat…”

This might seem funny, but also lets take note of the fact that when we welcome such a song, we spread across a message that its absolutely okay and “romantic” for any boy to woo a girl using such ways. This although in bollywood might seem quiet ”macho”, “romantic” and “heroic”, is pure stalking in real life.

4. I Am a Hunter (Gangs of Wasseypur)

Are we running out of good bollywood songs? Doesn’t seem like. The song had become viral in no time and was being played on every FM station and Television music channel. Not just this, it also became a favourite of many.

5. Dreamum Wakeupum (Aiyyaa)

The lyricist couldn’t get more direct than this. A song that features Rani Mukherjee and Prithviraj Sukumaran not just has vulgar lyrics but also vulgar visuals. This is a song we all have undoubtedly sung, at least once.  

Lyrics has started to matter more than the beats of the songs. It’s almost like an unsolicited way of consenting to being harassed if we groove to these items without thinking about the consequences and the impact of words.


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