Bollywood Celebrities And The Trend Of Global Ambassadorship

Bollywood celebrities
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The enticing charm of Bollywood celebrities has propelled them to become ambassadors for luxury brands, attracting the attention of international consumer brands. This trend has gained traction lately, as these brands recognize the immense potential and worth of collaborating with Bollywood celebrities. Just in the last few days of May, six such celebrities have been announced as brand ambassadors, illustrating this phenomenon. Samantha Ruth Prabhu has been named as the face of Tommy Hilfiger women’s watches, Manushi Chhillar is now Estée Lauder’s global ambassador and Athiya Shetty represents Laneige, the Korean beauty company, as its first brand ambassador in India. These collaborations show how global businesses are strategically aiming their products at India’s vibrant and expanding consumer market while using the celebrity status and impact of Bollywood celebrities.

Recently, Alia Bhatt became the brand ambassador for a renowned fashion brand, Gucci. She is the first Indian to represent the prestigious Italian brand on a worldwide level attributable to her amazing accomplishment. Bhatt debuted as Gucci’s newest global ambassador during the Gucci Cruise 2024 fashion show in Seoul. However, Bhatt’s ambassadorship is only one instance of how Bollywood celebrities are making their mark as global ambassadors for high-end foreign companies.

Bollywood fans frequently convince themselves to buy a product only because one of their favourite Bollywood celebrities has endorsed it. Bollywood celebrities mostly serve as brand ambassadors for well-known luxury companies owing to their unmatched mass appeal. Here are a few global brands that have roped in Bollywood celebrities as their global brand ambassadors.

Alia Bhatt 

The brilliant actress of Darlings fame has joined the list of Bollywood celebrities who offer their star power to global luxury brands. Alia Bhatt won the role of Indian global brand ambassador for the prestigious fashion label, Gucci, owing to her spectacular pearled-up Met Gala debut. She was an apparent option for such significant collaboration because of her overwhelming appeal and presence.

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Priyanka Chopra Jonas 

Priyanka Chopra Jonas, a globally celebrated actress, has established herself as the reliable face of several global businesses that she ardently stands for. She has endorsed a number of high-end brands, including Tiffany & Co., Guess, Pantene, TAG Heuer, and many more. Bvlgari, an Italian luxury company, took a huge move in 2021 when they appointed Priyanka Chopra Jonas as their global brand ambassador. Her affiliation with these esteemed brands is evidence of her unrivalled power and attraction among Bollywood celebrities.

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Deepika Padukone 

Deepika Padukone, who is renowned for her adaptability and unrivalled beauty, has partnered with prestigious luxury companies like L’Oréal, Nike, and Vogue Eyewear. She is a sought-after brand ambassador for major companies thanks to her elegant grace and strong on-screen presence. She made a big step last year when she was named the brand ambassador for the renowned French luxury brand Cartier. She also recently took on the position of the newest Indian brand ambassador for Qatar Airways and Louis Vuitton, further enhancing her standing as a significant figure among Bollywood celebrities.

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Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan is one of the most coveted Bollywood celebrities for brand endorsements, garnering attention not just in India but also internationally. The Pathaan actor has an outstanding list of Indian business affiliations and has served as the coveted Tag Heuer brand ambassador for more than ten years. Khan is the perfect candidate to represent global brands due to his legendary position and universal appeal, solidifying his image as a well-known Bollywood celebrity with a worldwide reach.

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Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan is unquestionably a self-made brand, garnering the interest of various upscale companies wanting to work with him. He is the ideal pick for fitness and leisure businesses due to his flawlessly chiselled physique and captivating appeal. As a result of his involvement in campaigns for prestigious companies like Rado, Burger King, and Coca-Cola, Roshan has cemented his reputation as a sought-after brand ambassador in the realm of Bollywood celebrities.

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It thus won’t be wrong to mention that India is witnessing a transformative era where Bollywood celebrities are becoming the face of global brands. These Bollywood celebrities have established themselves as the most desirable pick for global brands looking to engage with the vibrant Indian consumer market due to their enormous fan bases, alluring charisma, and aspirational image. This trend is anticipated to continue growing as India’s market continues to develop and grow, offering enticing chances for brands and celebrities alike. In the near future, Bollywood celebrities’ influence will continue to transform and reinvent the world of brand endorsements as their reach surpasses international boundaries as global brand ambassadors.


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