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Actors often channel their creativity by starring in TV shows about subjects that they are passionate about. But some take it a step forward and create them. Here are six such shows actors have created and stared in the same shows:

Mindy KalingThe Mindy Project
We fell in love with Mindy Kaling when she played the lovable but dorky Kelly Kapoor on The Office. So when we found that she was creating and starring in her own show The Mindy Project, we were immediately on board. From the first episode itself we became immersed in Mindy’s tumultuous personal and professional life.

Jerry Seinfeld- Seinfeld

Seinfeld was one of the most popular sitcoms in the 90s which is still broadcast on TV today. It chronicled the lives of four eccentric friends living in Manhattan. The main cast were friends of Seinfeld in real life so the on-screen chemistry was quick and effortless. Seinfeld’s clever scripts, character interaction accompanied by witty humour made the show a cult phenomenon.

Tina Fey- 30 Rock

Feminist icon, popular comedian and general badass Tina Fey’s onscreen alterego is just as endearing as her true self. 30 Rock is the story of a thirty-something woman who is career-driven, struggling with romantic relationships and forced to work with quite a unique set of staff. The comic timing of Alec Baldwin and Fey keeps the audience enthralled.

Mark Gatiss- Sherlock

Staying true to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s original vision while also keeping the show adept with modern times is not easy. However, Mark Gatiss not only managed to include both these factors in Sherlock, but he also took the risk of acting in it as Sherlock Holmes’ brother. Gatiss kept the original sharp interaction between characters intact and used effective editing to tell old stories in a new light.

Amy Poehler- Parks and Recreation

One of the writers who created Parks and Recreation, Amy Poehler also stars in the ugely popular show. The show has through its run seen several movie stars make guest appearances and has won top honours including several Emmy and Golden Globe awards. Poehler herself won a Golden Globe for best actress in a TV series for her role in Parks and Recreation.

Lena Dunham- Girls

When Lena Dunham is not breaking traditional stereotypes and inspiring young women to accept themselves, she writes for HBO’s Girls. The show came under immense scrutiny for its misrepresentation of women, portrayal of people suffering through STDs and displaying life in New York in a negative light. But Dunham’s logical justifications were enough to repress critics.


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