5-Minute Hairstyles


We all put our alarm clock on snooze hoping to get few extra minutes of peaceful sleep. But then we wake up after an hour and only have minutes to get ready. Other times our eyelids are so heavy with sleep, we can hardly braid our hair without yawning. So we have selected the best videos of hairstyles that can be done within minutes and don’t require a lot of skill or practice.

Back to school hairstyles

It is hard to make time for haircare when there are so many assignments to complete and exams to prepare for. If like most college students you wake up late after spending the whole night mugging up, try these easy hairstyles to save time.

Hairstyles to add a twist

Wearing the same look everyday can get tedious, we all should spice up our look from time to time. Whether it is simple changes in our dressing sense, an addition of a clever accessory or a unique way of wearing a hairstyle- it makes getting ready fun. So here are some hairstyles that will help you spice up your regular outfit and look sleek.

Try heat-free hairstyles

Regularly using electronics for straightening or curling hair can cause serious damage over time. The heat makes hair dry, increases hair-fall and causes hair to loose its shine. So try these heat-less hairstyles to maintain the natural texture of your hair and still rock a stunning hairstyle.


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