Best of TV – April 2016


Nilanjana Dutta takes you through a couple of TV shows that not only entertain but also spin the wheel intellectually on the political scenario today

The story of conniving, sly and devious Frank Underwood and his silent strong supporter of a wife, Claire Underwood as they take the world of politics by storm. The storyline is very real and even though dramatic doesn’t lose its attention to detail and practicality. The duo is ruthless and no relation is barred to be scarred in their thirst for power. The plot is smart and feasts on the attention of the viewer.


First of its kind, Shonda Rhimes’s prodigy, this American political thriller has our protagonist Olivia Pope make every character dance on her fingers. Pope runs a crisis management firm, which not only deals with but also further complicates in her favour , the day to day political crisis breaking out in the behind the scenes of the electorate that is Washington D C.

the good wife

With a one of its kind procedural plot line that either concludes or gets resolved with the proceeding of each episode, the show maintains a conclusive plotline. Starring Julianna Margulies and Josh Charles, it is the story of an enigmatic wife of a senate who has been arrested as she takes on his job and duties. She is shown to be a beginner and yet surprises with political skills better than her husband.


A political comedy with Amy Poehler, a mid-level bureaucrat running the parks department of an imaginary town of Pawnee.The show other than it’s beautiful comic timing and satire also draws on current events to keep the show relevant and more realistic rather than it getting lost in its own plotline.


With each season having 24 episodes spanning the 24 hours of the life of Bauer’s life with a real time narration, the story keeps you on the edge as each minute each second brings in massive changes in the plot line. The show is action packed, and filled with intense political drama that keeps the mind churning.


Volume 5 Issue 10


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