#NoShaveNovember : Set Beard goals from these 8 celebs

Ranveer Singh Beard

It is finally the time of the month where men all over will ditch their clean-shaven looks for beard. While this is for raising awareness about prostate cancer and other type of male cancers, there are quite a few men who pull this off. We chalk out a dapper list who aced this look and how!

Shahrukh Khan

From barely-there beards to in-your-face ones, SRK has nailed the bearded look with much élan.

SRK with beard

Hrithik Roshan

Sporting one of the coolest beards in movies time and again, we totally endear his bearded look,

Hrithik Roshan with beard

Ranveer Singh

Ever since his movie Ram Leela, Ranveer with his chiselled body has owned the beard like a boss!

Ranveer Singh with beard

Virat Kohli

One of greatest ambassadors of facial hair, Virat makes beards look downright fantastic!

Virat Kohli with beard

Farhan Akhtar

With the perfect jawline and a face cut that was just made to sport beards, Farhan’s beared look is nothing less than droolworthy!

farhan-akhtar with beard


Siddharth Mallya

Sid with his thick and prominent beard definitely makes us go wow.

Siddharta Mallya with beard

Shahid Kapoor

Always known as a chocolate boy, Shahid Kapoor with beard looks downright edible.

Shahid Kapoor with beard

Ritesh Deshmukh

Paired with a perfect hairdo, Ritesh Deshmukh carries off the look like a pro

Ritesh Deshmukh with beard


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