Embrace The Practice Of Self-acceptance To Embrace Yourself The Way You Are

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“I have a scar”, “I have a mole”, “My hair is curly”, “I am short-tempered”, “I express too much”, etc. We often hear people talking descriptively about themselves, mentioning the features that are unique to them or that distinguishes them from the others. Yet, very few of us actually embrace our uniqueness or are proud of the characteristic which differentiates us from the common. We all lack self-acceptance and refuse to embrace attributes that are solely unique to us. 

Why do we hesitate in showing or talking about our scars openly in a positive way? Does having stretch marks make you less deserving or less intellectual from those who don’t? Does having a short temper make you egoist? Does having curly hair makes you look less beautiful than others?

There is only one major reason behind why we feel bad or sorry for being the way we are. That is the fear of being judged by people. This fear too arises because we are always trying to be liked by people. However, in this fear, we forget that the very society we are afraid of is formed by people like us only. Isn’t it amusing that we easily get embarrassed by the one characteristic which gives us our special identity among people? 

Imagine a world, inhabited by people with similar faces, alike personalities; a world where every person is the same in terms of strengths and weaknesses, looks, attributes, voice, etc. Do you think that the world could have been a diverse place to live in? 

Yes, every person is different and unique in his/her own way. Just because you don’t have a few attributes similar to that of others doesn’t make you less important. There are times when you feel low about yourself. However, at such times, it is crucial to remember that while you are cribbing of not having a certain quality, someone else too is wishing to have a quality which you already possess. The point I am trying to make here is that everyone is born with distinct qualities and features. This factor maintains a proper balance in the people populated world. After all, it is when the different talents come together, that masterpieces are created. 

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You can track down historical events and partnerships that gave the world some amazing discoveries. An example of this would be the partnership between Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. Had they both not joined hands, we would have never had Apple phones in our hands.

Stephen Hawking, one of the greatest scientists to be born in the history of mankind wouldn’t have become one, had he only focused on his motor neuron disease.  

Self-acceptance can be difficult but if you try, you will find yourself embracing those qualities and features that you once wished you didn’t have. Embracing your distinctive characteristics whether in physical appearance or personality traits not only helps in building confidence but also enables to live a happier and more satisfying life. When we embrace uniqueness within us, we begin to focus on the important aspects of life.

This becomes our initial step towards progress.   One must, however, at the same time, not confuse it with a negative trait that hinders self-growth. If we find something within ourselves which degrades our strengths or abilities one should definitely try to improvise on it. But, again for improvisation self-acceptance of even our negative traits is important. Once we identify our weaknesses and negative traits, we can work on them.

So, not from today but from the next moment itself embrace each and every characteristic of yours, practice self-acceptance and have faith in the wondrous creation of nature and experience yourself getting transformed into a better version of you.


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