Batman: Arkham City



Two years after Batman: Arkham Asylum set the bar for games based on superhero properties, developer Rocksteady is back with a sequel that is bigger in scope, boasts a larger cast of characters and most importantly, tops its sublime predecessor in every way. Arkham City moves from the mostly linear confines of the asylum to the vast expanses of, well, Arkham City, a cordoned-off area of Gotham that is now a prison and home to a bevy of sinister super-villains. The larger game world means that you have way more freedom to go about your business. The game world is riddled with side quests, and they’re definitely worth your time. Riddler’s challenges return in the form of some seriously tricky puzzles. The Freeflow combat is back too, and feels way more fluid and impactful.
The game mixes the combat brilliantly with stealth, and playing the predator and picking off clueless goons one-byone is one of the highlights of the game. It doesn’t matter if  you’re a Batman fan or not, if you’re a gamer, Arkham City is a must-buy.

Volume 1 Issue 6


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