Bags for everything, even Roti’s

Bags for everything, even Roti’s

After the end of the crazy wedding season and all the hardcore partying, the issues that are the arising lately are that of food wastage. But our daily lunch delivery guys – the dabbawalas- have come up with a brilliant initiative that ensures this food reaches those who would go hungry otherwise.

Introducing the Roti Bank – an initiative by the Mumbai Dabbawalas to prevent wastage of food.

Bags for everything, even Roti’s

The Mumbai city dabbawalas have tied up with a variety of restaurants and caterers around the city to collect all the excess leftover food so that it reaches the poor.

Barely two weeks to this non-profit project, it has already received tremendous positive response from different quarters. There are around 400 dabbawalas who are ensuring the distribution of food without compromising on their daily duty. They are also looking out for more participation and ways to expand this operation.

What more, the project is not just limited to caterers and eating joints. Absolutely anybody can contribute to the initiative by dialling +919867221310 and +918652760542, if you have excess food that you would like to donate. The dabbawalas nearest to the location will collect it and distribute it among the poor.

The Mumbai dabbawalas who are known worldwide for their professionalism and dedication, have yet again managed to catch everyone’s attention with this thoughtful and wonderful initiative. We hope it grows with time and spreads throughout the country soon.


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