Are Popping Supplements Into The Body Really Helpful?

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Most of us depend on food for our daily dosage of many vitamins and minerals be it vitamin D, B12, OMEGA, calcium, magnesium, etc. These are the basic need for our body especially for the vegetarian population, as mostly the daily amount which is required by the body is not able to reach at the optimum level not because the body of a vegetarian person is incompetent but because the food that he/she eats generally lacks the required amount of vitamins.  Due to this humans have started to put the external source of these vitamins into the body to help it gain its fuel which is known as Supplements. This habit of consuming vitamins from external sources is known as supplementation. 

Now you will ask why is the non-vegetarian people don’t take supplements? Is there food is that fulfilling to their bodies that by eating non-veg they can have good levels of these vitamins? Well, some researchers have said that even the non-vegetarian population doesn’t need so much supplementing but, yet there are some vitamins like vitamin D, etc which need to be taken in long run by all. 

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However, recently, people have started supplementing, taking rigorous care of themselves, becoming cautious about their levels of vitamins and other minerals. Have you wondered why? To simply answer this let’s go back in time, let’s think about the food back then, let’s think about the eating pattern of people, everything was so good! Yes, from dairy products to fruits and vegetables, everything was so fresh and natural. Since the produce in the olden times was fresh, the health of the people was ensured. But now with time, everything has changed, our lifestyles have changed, our food, environment, water, air, soil, etc everything is now contaminated. The amount of good vitamins which can be easily absorbed by our body is now being rejected by it. As a result of this, gut-related problems have surfaced, leading to many deficiency issues. 

Now, one needs to consume artificial vitamins. Many people consider supplementing to be a bad aspect, but consuming supplements is not bad for your body if taken in the right amount. One should be very cautious about this fact. But how can you certainly believe that supplements are good? Think of it in this way, when you eat your full-fledged meal it will give you less than half the amount of vitamin and then you give your body some external source of that vitamin to reach an optimal level for that day. This therapy works only and only with a good variety of healthy food. 

Food and supplements chemistry go hand in hand. Again many people work upon this therapy in the wrong way. After some time of supplementing they stop consuming healthy food and continue taking only supplements thinking it will improve their vitamin levels. This process, however, is unfruitful. 

Supplementing is important from time to time but eat the right food is also very important. Nutritionists and dietitians suggest eating a plate full of rainbow meals, inclusive of more veggies, and fewer chapatis (wheat bread) along with supplements. This process happens with a good lifestyle and a positive approach.

Consuming the right kind of supplement in the right quantity of a good quality brand is essential for good health. Try not to divert from your goal of having a disease-free body. Don’t trust anything blindly, don’t fall for myths, do your research, gather information, work towards it, and when you become very much sure about it, dedicate yourself towards it.  Great things come with little patience but it will surely happen.


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