Are Campus Apps The New Social Media?

campus apps
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Social media networks have their roots in college campuses. Therefore, it’s not surprising that these sites have formed a connection with college and university students. From Facebook to Instagram and TikTok, social media networks have developed and evolved to keep up with modern times and trends. But is that the case with campus apps, as well?

Can campus apps become the next social media sensation? And would that even work since they only target college and university students? Well, we’ve done all the campus apps-related research to figure out all these questions. Let’s jump right in!

What Are Campus Apps?

Non-students might be unfamiliar with campus apps and what they represent, so let’s break it down. Campus apps or sites are dedicated college or university platforms that allow students to keep up with the latest news and events related to their school. These tools not only ensure that students stay on top of everything but also help them with their everyday tasks and campus life.

As a result, campus apps represent a modern mobile solution that allows students to focus on their studies instead of running around college trying to navigate everything. Plenty of campus apps show solid, even great results, but some, like campusM, truly stand out. For example, unlike other campus apps, campusM is focused on delivering an effortless blend of resources and service.

Many of these apps serve different purposes, but most of them include the following:

  • Information on classes, seminars, lectures, etc.
  • Webinars and online speeches
  • Campus-related particulars
  • Details about classes, professors, extracurriculars, etc.
  • Mentoring sessions and direct chats with faculty members
  • Chats, forums, virtual classrooms, and similar
  • Financial information
  • Documents, files, and the like
  • Reminders about school-related activities, deadlines, etc.

These are not the only features you can find on these apps — there are many more sections and things that await eager students. All in all, the purpose of this technology is to make students’ lives easier and help them focus on studying rather than on navigating everything alone.

Socializing on Campus Apps

Since we’re trying to determine whether campus apps could be the new social media trend, we first need to see whether socializing on them is actually possible. Since campus apps focus on providing a better campus life for students, allowing them to organize their daily activities without wasting time, do they leave any room for socializing?

The simple answer is — yes. Campus apps offer students multiple chat options and forums. This enables them to get in touch with classmates and get info on ongoing classes, events, and similar. The forums also serve a similar purpose, allowing students to exchange opinions and learn something different. Naturally, they can use the chats and forums for other purposes, like keeping up with their friends or even sending personal messages.

This is an excellent advantage as students should maintain social relationships while on campus. Many studies have been conducted, and you can learn valuable information by reading more about the topic.

Keep in mind that every campus app is different, and not all offer the same solutions.

Final Thoughts — Can Campus Apps Act as New Social Platforms?

Campus apps have their primary focus. However, that does not mean that students cannot socialize via those apps. There are plenty of opportunities for maintaining that social factor even without it being the focal point. However, we have to note that it’s highly unlikely that social apps can stand out in the current social media market. With so many services specifically focusing on the social factor, it’s hard for campus apps to compete.

Nevertheless, they represent an excellent option for both university and college students that want to keep their campus lives under control. Moreover, students get a two-in-one deal with a dedicated campus app and a social media platform, so why not try it.


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