Al Robots Learns Human Values Now


You must have watched Transformers, haven’t you? Then you must get an idea when i tell you machines can feel too. We heard  a new robot called Al Robo is created by roboticist David Hanson which closely resembles the late, great science fiction writer, Philip K. Dick.

The “brain” of this android (that is appropriately named Android Dick) is comprised of the deceased author’s work and conversations that he has had with other writers, all of which were uploaded onto the android’s software. So if the robot is asked a question, he would answer it as real Philip would have. And it, the Al Robot did answer some complex questions quite successfully and when faced with random questions it hadn’t heard before it would use something called latent semantic analysis to attempt to figure it out, which is  a process that uses mathematical technique to make it possible for the android to index, retrieve, and extract meaning from the natural human language.

Way to go, artificial intelligence!


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