80-Year-Old Finally Earns Degree Decades After Putting Education On Hold

Image Credits: wgauradio.com

Anything is possible if you put your heart and mind to it. Ruth White is a fair example of this statement. On the 4th of May, Ruth walked on the stage at Clayton State University on Saturday, to earn her degree in psychology.

“I took one class per semester and took summers off and raised a family of seven children. And here I am today finished with a degree,” White told WSB-TV.

Formerly, White went to school in California for two years before she and her husband moved to Atlanta. In 1988, White registered at Clayton State.

“I just had a feeling I needed to get an education,” White said.

At first, White’s children were amused at the idea of their mom wanting to get the degree but they saw how earnestly she took her coursework.

“Today, of course, they are all grown up and they are overwhelmed with pride,” she said.

White faced many challenges, juggling her classes and raising her family, but she credits Clayton State for the help the school gave her.

White presented this piece of advice for others: Set a goal and keep working at it.

“If you have your goals, work at it. If you fall back and stumble, that’s OK. Just keep at it and keep on learning,” she said.

An inspiration to all, Ruth White sets a prime example for anyone struggling to finish their degree.


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