Prayaag ’20, The Annual Corporate Festival Of JBIMS

Prayaag '20

Prayaag, which stands for the confluence of thoughts of industry stalwarts and the students alike, is the annual corporate and inter B-school festival of JBIMS. After having completed over a decade of excellence, the legacy of Prayaag enters a new era with the Prayaag ’20 edition. The student fraternity across all the B-schools hold palpable anticipation for Prayaag as the scale and competition in our events is one of the best across all B-school festivals. 

Prayaag ’20 will have numerous events that will challenge one’s potential to the brink and encourage the brightest minds in the country to voice their opinions and views on the changing landscape of management and social interactions with it. With the theme of Prayaag this year being ‘A Nudge For Change’, the best minds across the country will have a platform to lead a revolution. This year, we aim to leverage the ‘Nudge-Theory’ to effectively tackle local, national and global issues by connecting the brightest of minds across India so that they converge upon the most pressing problems in industry and create innovative solutions for sustainable development, through four diverse competitions:

  1. FIN-ANTHROPHY, a competition to test the financial acumen of the students and devising strategies for the evolution of a financial institution.
  2. MAR-QUEE, a case study for students to successfully build a brand amidst the myriads of factors affecting it based on various stimuli from the market conditions.
  3. FLAW-LESS, a competition which brings out the inner consultant within students, to study the company, identify and solve the inhibiting factors of the company.
  4. BYOB, a platform for students to present their innovate ideas and convert them into a brand.

Prayaag ’20 will have an enthralling Cultural Night, which will commence with a stand-up comedy event, followed by JB’s Got Talent and a DJ Night. The entire day will be packed with enticing events like Hogathon and Photoholic, lined up for our participants.

Prayaag ’20 also takes up a social initiative through it’s CSR activities, comprising of a beach cleaning drive, a blood donation camp and a drive to provide free education to the underprivileged students.


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