7 Gender Neutral Secret Santa Gifts

Secret Santa

It’s that Merry time of the year again when you get to play Secret Santa to someone, and make their days bright. But it isn’t as much fun if your chit contains the name of someone you don’t know that well, so imagine how daunting it must be trying to hunt something that you hope they would enjoy. But we’ve got you covered. Here are some gender neutral Secret Santa gifting options that you absolutely can’t go wrong with –

Board Games

Board Games are the ultimate crowd pleaser, and would make for a unique yet fun gifting idea. They’re a lifelong investment, and is perfect for someone who loves a more old-school form of entertainment.


We all love some TLC and there’s no better way to unwind than some skin pampering. When it comes to skincare, your options are unlimited, considering the number of products in the market at your disposal. Choose from a fragrant and moisturising body lotion, a body wash, hand cream, or a set of some rejuvenating face masks. If you want to go all out, you can even make them a festive hamper of all these products, or ones from their favourite brand(s).

Favourite food

They say a way to one’s heart is through their stomachs, and how incredibly true is this! You can get them a meal from their favourite restaurant or even something sweet like doughnuts or pastries. However, you must be aware of their dietary preferences, allergies, etc. (you don’t want your gift to get them sick and bedridden for Christmas!)

Yearly Planner

There’s no better way to end the year than to plan for the next one. And if the person you’re Secret Santa to is an absolute stationery junkie, they’re surely going to cherish this one. There are tons of funky planners available, and you can even throw in a set of coloured pens or sticky notes for good measure.

Pet Accessories

If you have to gift a pet owner, nothing would make their hearts happier than some accessories or toys for their pets. Choose from funky harnesses, food bowls, leash, or even fun toys for their furry friends to play with.

Has Everything Been Done? A collection of short stories

Do you have to buy a present for the regulation-loving head of finance? Or maybe a present for the quiet receptionist who orders birthday cakes for everyone? Or perhaps the jovial account manager who has everyone in splits? Regardless of their gender, this book is for them. Written by author Alisha Rajpal, the ten stories in the book feature an equal mix of male and female protagonists all of whom come from various backgrounds and ethnicities.

 Gift vouchers

Not sure about what exactly your gift receiver loves? Gift vouchers to the rescue! And the best part – you can get them gift vouchers for just about anything under the sun, right from clothes, jewellery, shoes to even service providers like Netflix.


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