6 Clever Ideas For Small Space Organizing And Storage

small space Organizing
Photo by Arina Krasnikova from Pexels

Organizing is not something everyone likes to do! And for that people try to get custom fitted wardrobes to reduce their work! This is one of the fantastic ways to organize a small space. If you are in search of more such clever ways then, read on! With the pro tips we’ve given below, we’re sure you’ll keep your small space spick and span.

Check out the following 6 clever ideas for small space organizing and storage:

1. Try out vertical storage

If you’re running short on space on the floor, you can try out making a vertical space. For that, you can take some plywood and make shelves. These vertical storage spaces can be made into any customized size. Moreover, they are best for almost anything you want: clothes, soft toys, books, bags, or even guest linens. And if it is something that you don’t want others to see, you can easily attach a ply to cover it up.

2. Try out Low Storage Space

Well, if you cannot go up, you can always go low! Wondering how? Well, for that, you can use the space beside your bedside unit or bed storage. You can stick a wooden crate or build one to attach it to the foot of your bed.

There you can easily store some books, clothes and so much more!

3. Hang Your Bags & Hats

Wall space can be used to organize your things and also decorated quite well. You can try out a DIY hanging project and hang up your hats and bags. Do lovely color coordination and hang up all your things.

You’ll see it’s an intelligent way to organize your bags and hats and not look for them when you’re about to go out!

4. Use the Space Over Your Bed

Most of us keep the space above our bed headboards for artwork or pictures. Don’t we? But why don’t you try out something more innovative and unique and forget the conventional way of storage?

You can think of hanging up some shelves and making a lovely storage area. Apply a gorgeous color and use the space smartly. You can store up things and give your room a unique look too!

5. Make Use Of Unexpected Spaces

When you’re thinking of hanging a towel rack, why not add hooks to it? Isn’t that a unique way to make use of your unexpected spaces? The space beside your cupboard, almirah, kitchen cupboards can be made full use of.

It’s a smart and unique way that most people would not think of when organizing a space. These help in cutting down the clutter and, at the same time, increase your storage space.

You can even think of a magnetic kitchen rack! It’s a nice and portable thing that you can remove whenever you want.

6. Use the Space Behind the Mirror

Well, we’re speaking about the conventional old-school cabinets for medicine storage, that is, Space behind the mirror. It  is a great way to store and keep your skincare secrets hidden. You can also convert it into a fancy space and make it look modern like never before.

And for that, you would not have to spend a fortune. You can quickly sort out your storage within a small budget and yet make full use of it! So, go ahead use this, and we’re sure you’re going to thank us later!

Final Thoughts

When it comes to organizing, everyone sits in a dilemma whether or not they should do it. But trust us and go for the tricks we’ve given above. You are sure to make a lot of storage and, at the same time, make your small space look decent and neat.

Of course, it is also true that an organized space can give you mental sanity and keep you happy.And these hacks are budget-friendly and can be done within hours! So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and organize your space now!


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