5 Things Tuesdays With Morrie Teaches Millennials About Surviving Tuesdays

Tuesdays with Morrie
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Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom is a lighthearted read which is packed with life advice and almost everything we need to know to focus on the more important things in life. Millennials are focusing on jobs, making more money, reading the newspaper, staying updated via social media and doing everything they can to not feel FOMO. Tuesdays with Morrie is a pleasant read which takes the reader back to simpler times which are less experienced by millennials today with their focus on everything short term. Mitch, a student visits his dying philosophy teacher from college every Tuesday to have conversations about several aspects of life with him. 

Here are 5 things the book Tuesdays with Morrie will teach millennials about how an ideal Tuesday should be. 

  1. Tuesday’s should be spent with a perfect work-life balance – Mitch finds a way to incorporate his passion for writing with his passion for having conversations with his old teacher Morrie who is dying. Meeting Morrie every Tuesday adds more meaning to Mitch’s life. Ideally, Tuesdays should be spent with loved ones instead of ruminating and worrying about work. Maybe Tuesdays and other weekdays would be less hated on social media if millennials found a way to incorporate more of what they love into their day. We need to pick more jobs that we like and those we are interested in than simply taking up a job for the sake of money. 
  2. Having a routine helps you find meaning – With the growing number of millennials who freelance and work from home, routine is not something which most of them follow. There are countless research studies on the impact a routine plays on a healthy body cycle and in regulating mood. Routine also helps to fight depression which is common among the youth today.
    Mitch meets Morrie every Tuesday despite everything and he has conversations on life with him. His routine gives him something to look forward to and also boosts his learning. Millennials need to find a way to lead more routined lives even if they have flexible work schedules so that they can find meaning in their day. 
  3. Hating on Tuesday is just a waste of time – There are countless social media posts and memes about Tuesday being a bad day because it’s a workday. However, once you stop focusing on the social media posts and following the trend, you will realize the value of your day and will attempt to make the most out of it. Mitch does not hate Tuesdays and he considers it to be just like any other day of the week. He makes the most out of it by using his energy on topics he is interested in. Learning is the priority and not just a job which has to be attended until 6:30 in the evening before which you cannot leave no matter how tired you get. 
  4. Help someone in whatever possibility you can – Increasing research shows that millennials are growing selfish because of their focus on short term goals. Mitch visits Morrie every Tuesday to help him bring his life story to a larger audience. He’s also a son-like figure which Morrie needs during his last days. On Tuesdays, when we are most busy, we must not forget to help anyone we can. A little help can make all the difference and can be life-changing to people. Millennials are too busy pretending to be busy, they are online on social media but they barely have time to talk to people who matter to them most. To make Tuesdays more meaningful, it is essential to not lose empathy, no matter how tired you are after work. Finding someone you can help in any small way, even by giving them your time, can create more meaning in your life as well.
  5. Keep learning something new – In Tuesdays With Morrie, Mitch learns something new from Morrie every Tuesday when he goes to meet him. One is never too old to learn. Even if boredom is catching up with you on Tuesdays, you should push it away by learning something new; it could be a YouTube video, Podcast, Class, workshop, interesting conversation with a mentor, anything! Learning something new will keep you motivated and will also give you the confidence to tackle issues in the future. Millennials spend Tuesdays after work on social media, not engaging but simply scrolling because they do not have a better plan. It is a good idea to plan your day well in advance to engage with the outside world and make the most of your day. 

An ideal Tuesday is as energy-packed as a Sunday with the same excitement and plans. Do what you love and spend your time with the consciousness of learning. Tuesdays will then be something you will look forward to!


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