How To Stay Healthy During Sudden Weather Changes

Weather change
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Changing weather brings with it, a lot of excitement, memories and thrill of breaking away from the monotony of persisting weather conditions. It also messes with our health as many of us fall prey to seasonal infections, ailments and leaves us feeling lethargic. So this time, during transitioning weather, adopt the following habits to enjoy the beginning of a new season without tensions of health problems.


As soon as the weather begins to change, people tend to change their dressing habits, if the weather is becoming warmer, people instantly switch to lighter fabrics and if the weather is becoming cooler, people start wearing a lot of layers. Human beings being warm-blooded organisms need to maintain their body temperature. In winters, the body spends more energy on this maintenance and in summers it spends less. If we quickly switch our dressing habits, the body doesn’t get time to adjust to the transition. Thus, we should continue to dress according to the weather the body is accustomed to, for a little while longer. 


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In the winter season, the days are shorter and nights are longer and in the summer season, the days are longer compared to the nights. This leads to disturbance in our sleep cycle during the transition weather. A disturbed sleep cycle can result in reduced efficiency of our body functions and we can get sick because of it. When we sleep, certain hormones are secreted in the body which are essential for our health. Thus, it becomes even more important to regulate our sleeping patterns by getting proper sleep. 


Through our diet, we can supplement our immunity system and make it stronger to fight the infections of the transitional weather more efficiently. Sour foods like oranges, lemons berries and anything that contains vitamin C can be very helpful. Also add green tea, ginger, and garlic to your diet since these foods are known to have antibacterial properties and help remove toxins from the body. Turmeric milk is also known to heal and recover the body from pain and cold. At last, avoid junk food and stick to homemade healthy foods as an additional precaution from getting sick in the changing weather.


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Regular movement of the body ensures regulated circulation and functioning of different organ systems in the body. Exercise keeps the body fit and healthy. There are many kinds of exercises like jogging, skipping, swimming, aerobics, etc that one can adopt in their daily routine according to their abilities and choices. Yoga has become a way of life that ensures overall fitness both for the body and the mind. Exercising maintains a particular level of activity in the body which can be beneficial for the immune system. It is common knowledge that the people who have an active lifestyle always lead healthier lives. 


Hygiene should be maintained at all times especially during transitional weather when our bodies are more prone to seasonal infections. One should regularly wash their hands with soap. People should not skip baths and should change clothes regularly to prevent infectious bacteria from residing in our surroundings. Hygiene is your first line of defense against the common cold, flu, and cough. Proper sanitation keeps germs at bay. One should also cover their mouth and nose when passing by polluted areas like construction sites, open-drain areas, etc to prevent catching unnecessary allergies and diseases as prevention is the best cure. 


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Liquids especially water, are very important to tackle seasonal changes and fever. They make your throat moist and help get rid of seasonal congestion. Hydration helps flush out toxins which weaken our system and make us fall sick. So, maintain proper hydration by drinking sufficient water, consuming herbal drinks, juices, and other fresh fruit drinks to help prevent your body from fatigue. Detox water has become quite popular these days, people add different combinations of ingredients to the water 4-5 hours before consumption to add the essence of those ingredients in the water. Tulsi, cinnamon, lemon, mint, fruits are commonly used to prepare detox water. Don’t forget to consume at least 8-10 glasses of liquids to have a toxin-free body.

Instil these habits in your daily routine to lead healthier lives and equip your body with necessary immunity this transitional season.


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