5 Stylish Monsoon Footwear To Up Your Fashion Game

monsoon footwear
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Monsoon is a sign of trouble for the feet! No one likes drenching and cold feet during the monsoons. Investing in the right monsoon footwear during this wet season is therefore an annual ritual. This necessity when coupled with your fashion game, makes monsoons a fun season. 

So dive right in to know which monsoon footwear you can try pulling off this year

Nothing beats the simple Crocs!

Yes they are common, but they are also comfy and equally stylish. With a variety of color collections Crocs has, you can totally invest in a pair or two. What’s even better is that their show design allows ventilation keeping your feet dry. 

monsoon footwear
Photo by Bernard Hermant on Unsplash

Sliders are the new ‘in thing’ among all

They are chic, sassy and the best way to beat the wetness and humidity of the rainy season. Popularly also known as ‘Do Bhai’, these sliders come with quirky and funky artwork that tempts you to buy them. 

Sandals as a monsoon footwear will never run out of style 

Sandals are known for their firm grip especially during monsoons. They provide immense comfort to the feet without getting drenched in the rain water. Water slips away from them as smoothly as sand from the hand. So sandals are a safe choice during the monsoon season. 

What are monsoons without the classic gumboots? 

They are not just stylish, but also protect your feet from the rains keeping them completely dry. However, if you don’t like your feet covered during the monsoons, its best to try out other options as gumboots surely don’t provide any ventilation to the feet. 

Flatheads are latest in the world of fashion 

Somewhat like sneakers, flatheads provide comfort to the feet and look really cool. Make sure you buy such a material that is waterproof. Some faltheads might not be monsoon footwear. 

Monsoon are bracing themselves up and so must you. So when are you planning to hit the store to get your hands on some cool monsoon footwear?  


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