5 Rings That Would Make Her Say Yes


Asking her for the next step in your relationship might seem like a big task. Getting everything right and perfect is already an added task but getting the perfect ring that she would love has got to be a priority. While you go down on your knees, you want to make sure that the mood and the entire setup is up to the mark.

This day is going to be special for the two of you. Make the most of it and leave no stone unturned to make her feel loved and pampered than any other ordinary day. A perfect ring that has a meaning or a special customized ring seems like a go-to option in such a situation.

Rockrush wants to make sure that you get what you desire and hence has the option of customizing your ring as per your needs.

Here are some 5 picks that would definitely make her give thumbs up and help you have your perfect fairy tale.

For the lovey-dovey ones

Are you two high school sweethearts or college sweethearts? Getting this one for your lady love has got to be the best decision. The two hearts entangled in one another just like your souls. This would look extremely elegant when worn.

Customizations for the colour of metal and purity can be done as per the needs. This one wouldn’t be heavy on the pocket as it is under 10000 kind of a diamond ring.

Diamond ring for the win

Diamonds are undoubtedly every girl best friend then why not go down on your knees with this dazzling ring which has 3 diamonds. It is available in different colours too but going for this one seems like a smart choice.

Glittery Gold

Glittery Gold

Elders say that gold brings good luck, so why not do it their way? This ring has an excellent reverse tapering shank. The cluster like appearance in the center gives it a complete solitaire kind of appearance. This ring is a perfect buy if she is a strong and ambitious woman. 

Delicate darling

If your girl prefers to keep it bare and minimal this is the one for her. She can wear those wherever she wants to without having tonnes of people ogle at it. It is delicate yet chic and would not make her question your choice at all!

The Classic Diva

If your significant other is quite a drama queen and loves over the top kind of things then this one is the best pick for her. The tiny diamonds in a cluster give a solitaire kind of feel to this. Wherever she goes donning this ring, there would millions of questions asked and surely she would have a smile on her face which would remind her of you.

If solitaire rings are something that you want to opt for then don’t worry, Rockrush has the option for you. You can pick up a solitaire as per your needs and add it to the ring.


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