Something Tried, and Something Treasured: This new online luxury shopping destination is here to stay

Monica Gupta

Tried and Treasured is an online luxury portal retailing pre-loved luxury pieces at affordable rates. This is the brainchild of Monica Gupta, an avid fashion follower, and stemmed from a pure love for fashion. “People who love fashion have ever-evolving taste and are looking for new trends. Tried and Treasured was an ideal platform for me, and fashion-forward individuals who are looking for something new, and for clients looking to de-clutter to create space for something new,” Monica says.

Once the idea was clear and she felt there was a need for it, considering that the climate in Mumbai is not very conducive for the restoration of premium luxury products, she did a little market research to find out what is already existing in the space of pre-owned luxury. It was both surprising and gratifying to know that it was already pretty popular. “Yes, it was competition for me but I wasn’t deterred by that. I felt that this concept was still nascent, and that’s when we decided to set up and get everything in place,” she adds.

The challenge for Monica, lies in the scepticism surrounding pre-owned products. However, it still has potential, because Tried and Treasured is catering to fashion savvy youth who want to own something that is trendy, and are way past the fact that it was previously owned by someone. “Customers can also avail of vintage products that are rare finds at extremely affordable prices,” she said.

In terms of quality, clients can be assured of some top-notch products. “All our products are vetted and go through rigorous authentication processes. Happy customers always come back for more”, says Monica.

While the concept of pre-owned luxury products is hugely popular internationally, there are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to the Indian market. “One misconception is related to the authenticity of the product, people are always wondering if it is fake. The other misconception lies with the condition of the product, which people have a hard time building their trust. People also don’t want to wear a piece of clothing that has already been worn before. However the quality of what we provide will tackle all those misconceptions,” she assures.

What makes Tried and Treasured stand apart from other portals is their access to unique inventory that is not easily accessible here, and a pool of clientele that helps them achieve that.  “People have faith in me and my judgement, and my taste. They’re happy to provide me with their products because they know I will do justice to it.” She further adds, “Each luxury item comes with its own unique story and sentiment, which makes it even more exciting to own a pre-loved product from Tried and Treasured.”

Since there is no way to touch and feel the products before buying them, buyers can avail of a three-day return policy. However, Monica says that there are a lot of offline events in the works. They’re also working on a ‘Try before you Buy’ concept where customers get an opportunity to see the products firsthand.

Although Tried and Treasured has only begun, the response has been very positive and assures the team that they’re on the right track. “We want to collaborate internationally not just with designers, but we also want access to what is in the market there. We also have a huge pool of local designers as well, that the international market would want access to. We’re launching a kids’ line in six months, and eventually, we want to have a store where customers can see and feel the products”, says Monica.

We also put the fashionista up to a quick Rapid Fire round :

Favourite International Fashion Designer

An Australian brand called Zimmermann. I’m obsessed!

Favourite Indian Fashion Designer        

Anamika Khanna, she’s exquisite.

A fashion faux pas

Definitely, over-accessorising.

One trend to surely follow

Go vintage

An upcoming fashion designer

I love this new accessory designer called ‘Misho’.

A fashion must-have

A fashion must-have for any woman is being comfortable in your own skin. Without that, nothing works.

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