5 Relationship Apps That’ll Help Long Distance Couples To Stay Close

Keep the spark alive, even from miles apart, with these relationship apps designed to keep you and your partner connected wherever you are

Long Distance Relationship Apps

Long distance relationships can be tough sometimes. With the constant questioning and no-time for each other problems, they can take quite a toll. A small argument turns into a fight, which can create problems in terms of miscommunication. If flight tickets were cheaper, then couples would meet every few months. But since they’re so expensive, the take up a lot of our budget. How is it that couples can maintain relationships being in a long distance situation? It’s through technology.

We have the power of technology in our pockets and through some innovation and creative thinking, we can be happier. Sometimes we can order food for one another, other times we can send a romantic e-card. There are many ways of keeping a relationship alive, and none of them rely on money or time – just love. Here are some great apps that couples can use to keep the long distance relationship going.

Between –A Private Couples App

This app is brilliant and is perfect for the couples who can’t be a single minute without each other. The app is a private chat for couples who want to be in love 24/7. With some great features and functionalities built-in with the app, you can send private chats, organize travel plans, book important dates, etc. It’s a product that’s based on connectivity and love. Since it’s a personal app that only has the two of you on it, it has a different feeling from WhatsApp and others. And while you may access WhatsApp infront of everyone, you don’t anyone reading your personal chats with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Touch Note

What does Instagram, Snapchat and WhatsApp not have? – A customized postcard feature. With Touch Note, you can create funny postcards for one another and send them via social. It’s a cute app that makes dates, anniversaries, moments and events that much more memorable. It’s available on the app store and its free to use. A perfect companion to capture the essence of hand-made cards and letters!


Sometimes when your partner is asleep, and you want to send them a message, you don’t really know how to make it romantic and customized. With this app, you can draw a doodle, or write some words and it instantly becomes your partner’s lock screen. They wake up with a smile on their face when they see their screens. If they’re having a bad day, or a long day at work you can send a cute selfie with a smiley face doodle and make their morning that much better.

Couple Me

The Couple Me app is a great tool to have when you need some virtual quality-time with your partner. The app makes you feel like you’re a part of your partners world, with memories, dates and moments built-in. You can browse photos you’ve clicked together, memories you’ve had, and can also share a cool thing call thumb-pression. A thumb-pression is a unique feature to Couple Me, where couples can send a glowing thumb to their partner and it shows how they’re feeling. It’s the next best thing to actually holding hands when you’re thousands of miles away.

Google Duo

Google Duo is the best video calling service out there. Because Google has servers in every corner of the world, their video calling app has the best clarity and voice quality in the market. It’s free to use and it has some amazing features including text, file sharing, and cloud. You don’t need to be stuck to lagging video chats, or hanging screens. It’s a light app that won’t crash your phone as well.


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