5 Freakingly Haunted Hotels In India That Will Haunt You If You Visit Them

haunted hotels
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The stories of ghosts have always intrigued us since our childhood. Many don’t believe in the existence of ghosts, many make up their own ghost stories, while others believe in ghosts and evil spirits. We too don’t know if ghosts exist or not, however, we do believe in the occurrence of strange, creepy and absurd incidents. In India, there are many haunted hotels that have chased tourists away. Some of the most haunted hotels are listed below: 

Caution: Brace yourself because these haunted hotels are going to send chills down your spine

Hotel Fern Hill, Ooty

haunted hotels
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A nicely located hotel in Ooty, Hotel Fern has a beautiful classic British architecture. However, inside this beauty, many paranormal activities are believed to occur. Once while shooting for a film, choreographer Saroj Khan and her team witnessed scary things in the middle of the night. While she was sleeping she heard noises of the furniture being rearranged on the above floor. She tried calling the receptionist to report about this, but no one answered the call. The next morning, the receptionist informed the crew that there was no first floor to the hotel at all. 

Hotel Brij Raj Bhavan, Kota

haunted hotels
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There is a ghost in this hotel that apparently keeps strolling around in the corridors. He is believed to be Major Burton, an English officer who was killed by the Indian sepoys in the mutiny of 1857. It is said that he occasionally keeps slapping the guards who sleep while on duty. The hotel was earlier a palace built in the 19th century but was later converted into a heritage hotel. 

Hotel Raj Kiran, Lonavala

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Lonavla is not just a relaxing destination but is also thrilling. Paranormal experts have confirmed that Hotel Raj Kiran is one of the spookiest and haunted hotels in India. A room situated in a corner which is right behind the reception is locked with ghosts and is no longer rented to the visitors. This was done when the visitors complained of bedsheet and blankets being pulled off while they were asleep. Why would anyone want to even book any other room in a hotel like this? 

Hotel Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai

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Yes, you read that right. Even the most well known 5-star hotel in India is haunted. There is a story associated with the paranormal activities that happen in this hotel. The architect of the hotel had prepared the blueprint of the hotel and went to England. After returned he found the hotel built but in the opposite direction which was not how he intended to construct it. As a reaction to this, he committed suicide by jumping off from the fifth floor. Since years, tourists, visitors and even the hotel staff have reported paranormal activities, especially in the old wing of the building. It is believed that the ghost of Chamber still wanders around in the hotel. 

Morgan House Tourist Lodge, Kalimpong

haunted hotels
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Situated in West Bengal, on a hill station, Kalimpong, Morgan House is one of the oldest hotels. Again a British architecture, the hotel was constructed in the 1930s. The place earlier belonged to an Englishman George Morgan who is said to have lived there with his family. Once the wife of George Morgan died, the place was left deserted and gained life after it was converted into a hotel. Visitors have witnessed paranormal activities in the ‘house’. They seem to have heard the noises of heeled shoes tapping the floor. Many locals say that lady morgan still resides in her house. Creepy isn’t it? 

These are some of the most haunted hotels in India. If you wish to experience the spookiness of these places, you can book your rooms in these hotels. If you have had any similar ghostly encounters in any of the haunted hotels of India, do let us know in the comments section below.


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