Five Eye Shadow Palettes Under Rs. 1000

Eye shadow

Makeup is certainly an expensive affair, and finding one that fits your needs as well as your budget is certainly a daunting task. Eye shadow is one of the most integral components of a makeup routine as it can easily make or break the look, and it’s hard to find palettes that are reasonable, highly pigmented, smooth and blends easily. We’ve hunted some absolutely stunning palettes to choose from, that won’t burn a hole in your pocket and are well worth their price tag –

The Blushed Nudes, Maybelline

Blushed Nudes

The Blushed Nudes palette is unarguably one of Maybelline’s most popular products. The palette contains 12 neutral, nude shades with both a matte and shimmer formulation. This one’s perfect for anyone on the lookout for some daily-wear eye shadows, especially if you’re a working girl on the go.

Price – Rs. 875

Revolution Pro Eyeshadow Palette ‘Allure’

Revolution Pro

The festive season is upon us all, and with the number of parties and gatherings that take place in the night-time, you can never go wrong with a classic smokey eye. This palette has the sultriest of shades, mattes and shimmers, to help you achieve this look, in taupes, browns, and a jet black matte shade. The shadows blend easily, and are also very buildable.

L.A Girl Brick Eyeshadow, Neons

LA Girl

Don’t be repelled by the name, neon colours have graced Fashion Week runways and have been pulled off beautifully. If you’re someone who likes to step up their eye shadow game with some bold and bright colours, this palette is the perfect way to do that. This palette is also suited to transform your look from daytime to night time. Choose from a collection of vibrant blues, yellow, green, bright pink and more.

Price – Rs. 890

The City Mini Palettes, Maybelline

Maybelline City Mini Palettes

Another great Maybelline product, the City Mini Palettes come in 4 variations, each serving the exact purpose they’re meant for. Whether it’s a night out about town, a casual lunch, a hot summer’s day, or a pop of colour, these palettes have it all. The size of the palettes make it perfect to carry in your handbags or even something as small as a sling, for a quick touch up.

Price – Rs. 750 each

Faces Ultime Pro – Nude 01

Faces Ultime Pro

This palette is a great addition to your nudes’ makeup collection, and is the best if you also want a quick daytime to night time makeup transformation. The palette holds 10 absolutely stunning colours, right from champagne, gold, beige, browns and even an intense black colour, for a glamourous look at any time of the day. The shadows are richly pigmented and the shimmers are perfect for a luminous finish. Judging by the reviews, this palette seems to be a crowd favourite.

Price – Rs. 699


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