5 Career Options For Those Who Just Love To Talk

Career Options
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Some people just love talking and are gifted with the talent to continuously keep talking. It is one thing they never get tired of. Are you one of them? If you are, have you thought of making this talent a career? Yes, you read that right. You can make a career out of talking. You can pick any one career option if you just love talking.

Here are top 5 careers you can opt:

Radio Jockeying

This is one of the best professions to take if you love talking. Be it prank calling someone, interviewing, or giving sports or traffic updates, it all requires a lot of talking. However, you must also understand that a Radio Jockey must be witty, humorous and spontaneous. He/She must have the skill to also interact with people. To become an amazing RJ you must be a master at talking.

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Stand Up Comedy

It’s the most trending career among the youth today. With so many standup comedians on the online platform, many are inspired to take up this profession. This profession involves not just speaking in front of large audiences but also making them laugh. Just like radio jockeying, standup comedy too requires one to be witty and spontaneous. One must have a great sense of humor, a strong understanding of people, and knowledge about current affairs as well. So if you love to talk and have the knack of making people laugh, you should definitely consider pursuing a career in standup comedy.

Career Options
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Another career you can choose is that of anchoring and hosting. Often you will see shows on television like a travel show or a talk show and instantly find yourself liking the anchor/host. It is because of their ability and talent to talk. Hosts like Ellen DeGeneres, Jimmy Fallon, James Corden, Jimmy Kimmel, etc. are popular due to their skill to talk and strike a fun and engaging conversation. Famous anchors like Ravish Kumar, Rajeev Masand, Rahul Kanwal, etc. own the skill to explain the most complex issues and events to the public in an easy way. They speak in the language their audience finds easy to understand with complete ease. If you feel you are good at explaining and presenting a story/issue clearly to people, you can go ahead and opt for these professions.

Career Options
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A new age career requiring the ability to talk and engage the viewers with interesting content, vlogging is currently the new ‘in’ thing amongst many.  A vlog is a short video that is usually uploaded on social media platforms by individuals. In a vlog a vlogger talks about anything that interests the viewers. Vloggers mostly record and talk about their lives, about beauty, health, travel destinations, restaurants people can go to, brands, reviews, etc. They provide short pieces of infotainment. Catching yourself talk to your peers about similar things? Why not start with your own vlogs instead?

Career Options
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Marketing and Sales

Convincing people to buy a particular product is a difficult task. For this to happen, you must also be good in building relationships with customers. If you are a good talker, building good relationships won’t be a challenge. So if you are an expert in talking and convincing people, you must definitely pursue a career in either Marketing or Sales. The job of marketing and sales is however not only about talking but also about listening and analyzing people’s issues and problems. One thing for sure, in this field you will get to talk as much as you want.

Career Options
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Happy talking!!


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