5 Best Career Options To Choose, From The World Of Design

career in design
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A great understanding of colors, shapes and designs as well as the relationship between all three and a unique perspective towards the world, differentiates an individual from a designer. If you tick all the boxes then you can make a career out of your skill. If drawing and designing is your passion which keeps you going in your life, why not turn it into a career through which you can earn some bucks by doing what you actually enjoy the most.

Here are 5 career in design you can choose from:

Graphic Designing

Graphic designers are one of the most in-demand professionals in today’s time. Graphic designing includes creating visual concepts either by hand or using computer software such as Adobe Creative Suite, to communicate inspirational ideas, inform, and intrigue consumers. Graphic designers look after developing the overall product design and layout for advertisements, magazines, brochures and corporate reports. You can work independently as a freelancer or as a contract employee with an in-house graphic designing team in an organisation.

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Interior Designing

Interior designers deal with interior spaces to improve the aesthetics and functionality of the place. There are still designers who hand draw interior plans of the house but the majority of designers use computer software to design a 3D version and present it to the clients, architects and structural engineers who will bring the plan to life. Choosing decorative items, such as colors, lighting, floor designs, and materials is a part of interior designers work.

career in design
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Jewellery Designing

Got a thing for bling? Well, then jewellery designing is the way to go. Jewellery designing is the art or career of designing and creating jewellery. Drawing, conceptualizing and bringing their design to life is what a designer does. To become a Jewellery Designer you need to have complete knowledge about gemstones, different metals, karats, keeping in mind the budget of the client. Traditionally hand drawn designs are still popular and appreciated, however, there is a shift taking place to computer-aided design software. Jewellery designer used to be considered a family business but now is blooming up due to the introduction of many academic courses.

career in design
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Fashion Designing

Intrigued by all the fashion surrounding you? Want to design your own style that can go down the runway? Fashion Designing has its gates open for you. A fashion designer designs new and out-of-the-box clothes and accessories. Designers sketch their ideas on paper and then select appropriate colors, materials and textures to get the desired output. Attending fashion shows and reading fashion magazines give them inspiration. Fashion designers create a sample line and send them to stores in the hope of selling their collection.

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Textile Designing

Textile designers are involved with the creation of designs, for woven, knitted or printed fabrics or surface ornamented fabrics which are used sometimes repetitively, in decor and clothing items. Textile designers must have a creative vision about how the finished product will look like with a proper knowledge of the technical aspects of production that includes properties of fiber , yarn, and dyes. Today, most professional textile designers use computer-aided- software to create designs.

career in design
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Some of the top most colleges and universities providing designing courses are stated below :

  • National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad
  • Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune
  • Rochester Institute, USA
  • Cambridge School of Visual & Performing Arts, UK
  • Indian Institute of Jewellery, Mumbai


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