3D Zebra Crossing painted in Ahmedabad

3D Zebra Crossing painted in Ahmedabad

“Creativity is nothing more than doing the same thing in a unique way.”

Road safety has always been an issue in India and even a small step which could prevent getting blood spilled on the roads is a step must be appreciated and should implement in better ways. Saumya Pandya Thakkur and Shakuntal Pandya took it upon themselves to give safety a creative touch with a stunning display of a 3D zebra crossing.  Women are becoming the new role models of the world and the source of many new ideas and innovations. This duo is one of the examples of how people from simple background who are looking to win the competition and do something for the society can bring about such an exemplary change. It is a simple innovation, but it is an effective one nonetheless. Not only does it serve an artistic purpose, but it also ensures road safety for pedestrians. Women should be encouraged to step out of the home and make the society a better place to live. They’re more resourceful than you think, and they are definitely more vivacious. The zebra crossing was first used in the United Kingdom in 1949 in its original form of alternating strips of blue and yellow. The origins of modern street painting can be traced to Britain. Pavement artists were found all over the United Kingdom. In India, 3D street art is new, but fairly increasing, from decorating flyovers, buildings, and roads, this is a growing portion and as it’s in the primitive stage the chances of re-exploring in different sectors is relatively high.

The artists who painted the 3D zebra crossing in Ahmedabad believe that the human vision can see only 2D designs. This is why the 3D design is a flat pattern which is painted at an angle to help the drivers see it easily as it pops up, encouraging them to slow down. It also avoids major disruptions to the driver’s view. The design was inspired by foreign countries, where designs like these are widely used.

According to Saumya, the reason behind the success of their design is the fact that 3D street art is still fairly new in India, and designs like these always cause curiosity and wonder. Whatever the reason may be, we are just glad that they found a way to engage an audience in a conversation about road safety in such a fabulous way. Great going, ladies!

Image source: IndiaTimes.com


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