Millions spent over The Conclusion


The most anticipated sequel of Indian Cinema, is ready with an approximate spending of 5.7 million over the efforts that really deserve a big screen glance. Fans have had a justifiable wait, which is hence over. With the release of the sequel, we take a rough look at what the fans expect from this duple, and how much consideration has Rajamouli given to these expectations.


The first part was heartening for Anuskha Shetty’s fans and followers, for her cameo in between the reels. This time Mouli, showers his grace over her character with the very first trailer outnumbering her appearances. Bhaubali getting a solo release, it would literally rock the theatres making its launch Grander and Bigger.

Visuals taken a notch higher

Being the most expensive film of the Indian cinema, Bhaubali’s sequel has appealed to a larger mass and created an unexpected hike. The reputation and the name value, could be partly credited to the visuals that the director sees using the audience’s eyes. The effects and visual manipulation of the scenes are too difficult to be shot. The time taken for the most favourite waterfall scene, was 1/3rd of the overall time taken to shoot the film. The dedication and the perfectness of the scenes, hence take the audience to journey with Bhaubali’s struggle for win.

Fighting with Music

Not only are the visuals apt, but even the background score goes corresponding to the intense fights. To be precise, the Mahishmati kingdom looks more extravagant and grand, alongside the battle area, where these men are seen lashing out at each other. These are the main elemental increments that the audience would enjoy viewing as Mouli is a promisor to their expectations.

Bhallaladev to avenge his son’s death

In the first segment, Shivdu’s hands tasted the blood of Bhallaladev’s son, which is likely to round up a revenge against Shivdu or his father Bhaubali. It would be and awestruck moment to see battle field raging in fire with their aggression, they shower upon their opponent.

Unanswered Joke has an actual Answer …

Why did Kattappa kill Bhaubali? The question that took many unsolicited rounds over and after the release of this 650cr raising Boxoffice hit. The battle field covered under intense music and excellent visuals, promise you to answer the end that was left open in the last segment. Both Rana Daggubati (Bhallaldeva) and Prabhas(Bhaubali) are overwhelmed with the looks of the official trailer.

The whole team has put in lot of time money and energy in production of this anticipated success. The re-release of ‘Bhaubali’ this month will surely build up the strategically planned curiosity for the sequel, which is set to release on 2017, April 28. Hope Rajamouli’s attempt and the audience’s expectations go hand in hand and take this cinematic art awarding all the credits it deserves.


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