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duck samosa at farzi cafe

Fancy a Vada-pao with umami laden chilli queso or our humble dosa in a new avatar as a salted caramel smeared pancake crisp, ingenuity in crafting a gourmet experience and fusion foods are for sure not uncommon. Chefs are conjuring cuisine fusions and trying to present food experiences in its entirety. Take a sneak peek at some of crazy fusion dishes restaurants are serving:

Chilled Seafood Bhel at the Bombay Canteen

Chilled sea food bhel

A play on Mumbai’s famous, local street food with plenty of shrimp and calamari, topped with kairi date chutney and crispy sev will elevate you to gastronomic heaven. Street food lovers, takes notes. Because yes, exclusivity is the pull!

Chilly Duck Samosa at the Farzi Cafe

duck samosa at farzi cafe

A flavourful samosa filled with duck and quickly tossed with chilly hoisin sauce on a high flame is a fun take on the humble samosa. Adventurous foodies, this one is for you!

Candy Floss Paan at the Masala Library

candyfloss paan

Who would have thought of a paan flavour to this childhood favourite? The presentation is the cherry on the cake. This complimentary candy floss paan could just win over almost anyone!

Roohafza Creme Brulee with Kiwi Falooda at the Farzi Cafe

roohafza brule at farzi cafeimg_1924

This quirky creme brulee tastes exactly like the the Roohafza the milkshake from childhood summertime evenings and does invoke some sweet memories too!

Pesto Kebabs at the Masala Library

pesto kebabs Masala-Library-at-BKC-servc

These ravishing kebabs with tandoori tomato and parmesan papads has just the right amount of spicy aftertaste. It is a variant of our very own Hara Bhara kebab and will spell love at the very first bite.

The Jalebi Cheesecake at the Gallops


The crunchiness of an Indian jalebi in fusion with the mildness of a cheesecake is a sweet tooth’s fantasy. The scrumptious dessert with its exquisite depth can absolutely win over even the most disgruntled taste buds.

Chicken Tandoori Dosa at the Ziya

chicken tikka dosa

While other restaurants are experimenting with Indian and foreign fusions, Ziya is marrying flavors closer to home, with this dish. The end result is excellent with a really well thought of fusion. Try it to know it!

Bombay Spice Pizza Pie (Pav bhaji pizza) at the Rolling Pin

The Rolling Pin -Bombay Spice Pizza Pie

Ever thought of a pizza crusted with spicy pav bhaji?   The Bombay Spice Pizza, a crazy but fun combo is perfect for adventurous foodies.

Ice Cream Pakoda at the Noorani

ice cream pakoda

Tried fried ice cream? A melt-in-the-mouth affair, this ice cream pakoda is something you definitely cannot afford to miss out on.

Fusion Margarita at the Yuuka

margerita fusion at yuuka

It is a tall, margarita glass that holds the avocado tartare, crowned with corn dashi and crispy carrot chips, on a bed of ice. Adding to the drama of the dish, the server quite literally breaks the ice for us.

Green Tea Frappuccino at Starbucks outlets


A blend of sweetened matcha green tea, milk, and ice, its intensity is softened to mildness by milk and sugar. The end result is a refreshing and cool drink with a flavour similar to green tea ice cream. Something you’d devour on a hot summer day!

The Kolkate Meethapaan ice cream at the Sahib Room and Kipling Bar

kolkata meetha paan ice cream at sahib room

Infused with gulkand, this robustly flavoured ice cream is a good variation on the traditional Indian paan. This cold and creamy version of Kolkata’s meethapaan is a masterpiece!

Culture on my palate

Ingenuity in crafting a gourmet experience could take away from the authencity of a palate. On the contrary, it might help transcend borders facilitating unique culinary excitement. While a plethora of restaurants have adopted the ‘fusion fashion’ trend, there are few others which believe that beauty lies in embracing culinary ethos.

Fusion and experimentation could be a make or break and informed caution is imperative so as to not sacrifice on the culinary heritage of food in a quest for instant fame. However, it is essential to break monotony. “Molecular gastronomy has endless possibilities. We get to explore and experiment with a wide range of ingredients and techniques. In the process we create something uniquely creative. To keep up with the increasing competition in the industry, creativity is what sets us apart. It’s appealing and appetising at the same time,” says Aditya Gupta, the owner of Spiceklub.

However, we need to understand the importance of taking it up responsibly. Westernising ethnic food can dilute it of its rich identity. Is fusion only a way to stay relevant? Before subjecting our cuisine to a mishmash for profits, we must ponder over the fact that it is not merely food but entire cultures with complex histories and traditions. Trust me, these aren’t just cuisines but there is a whole bubbling world beneath them!



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