11 Great Ways To Add Fun and Excitement To Your Fitness


One of the keys to success in anything, including fitness is to bring the right energy to the activity. One incredible way to increase the positive energy in fitness is to do something that you enjoy and to enjoy what you are doing.

Here are 11 effective ways to smile as you train.

  1. Listen to your favorite music: This is by far one of the quickest and most effective ways to add joy to your training. With the great inventions of ipods, there is no excuse why you can’t listen to music that will drive you and bring up your vibration to new heights. Sometimes my music is so good that I’ll want to workout just so that I can combine the endorphins from training with the epic sounds going on in my headphones.
  2. Share the experience: Training with someone can bring great enjoyment. You may choose to train with a friend, family member, or even your pet. It combines connection with all of the benefits of exercise. It may be best to find someone that is of a similar fitness level with you and who has similar goals. However, this is not mandatory. A training partner can add motivation, and a nice friendly challenge. They can also keep you accountable and keep you consistent.
  3. Train at a new location: This may sound simple, but it is an easy way to add enjoyment. This is one reason that I love to travel so much. It gives me an opportunity to train in new beaches, new parks, new gyms, new rooftops, and new roads. I love the feeling of new. So you can opt to take your training to another place once or more often a week just for the added variety.
  4. Add Variety To Your Program: There are endless ways to add variety to your training. You can mix up your cardio by switching up walking, running, swimming, cycling, rowing, dancing and/or sports for example. You can change up your resistance training by using bodyweight exercises, resistance band movements, dumbbell exercises, using high repetitions, lower repetitions, and/or new movements.
  5. Progress: Yes, improving your performance will absolutely add to your enjoyment and fulfillment because you are seeing your body improve before your eyes. This can be a beautiful reward and motivation boost to keep going and to go even stronger.
  6. Wear new clothes. This may sound like an unusual tip, but time and time again I have seen clients come in and be so happy because they are wearing their new shoes, pants or top. It makes them want to workout as it gives them a chance to show off their new outfit. It is similar to purchasing a new evening dress and suddenly you want an excuse to wear that beautiful gown.
  7. Improve your pre-workout nutrition: When you eat something light and energizing it makes you want to train. It feels great inside of you. I have my favorite drinks that give me energy and amino acids and help me get into my groove when I train.
  8. Get involved in an exciting challenge or competition: There something super motivating and super fun about training for a specific event or challenge. I remember always getting a surge of excitement and enjoyment when I decided to train for a specific kickboxing match, running race, bodybuilding competition or triathlon. It puts a turbo booster on my training and it can do the same for you. It does not have to be anything serious. It can be a simple online challenge or competition to get your juices flowing and give you a set goal.
  9. Learn a new skill: Skill learning and fitness go hand in hand. Maybe you want to learn to dance, or learn a new martial art. Or perhaps you have always loved the idea of swimming better. You can combine fitness and skill by taking classes or getting a friend or coach to teach you. This can bring you great enjoyment and fulfillment as you learn things that you never knew how to do before.
  10. Buy Health Food: This works for me every time I go shopping or order online. When I do a re-supply of health food and/or supplements, suddenly my enjoyment and motivation increases. It’s a funny thing how that works. When I have great healthy energizing food available, it makes me want to go for it in my workouts.
  11. Watch motivational videos: With youtube, you have unlimited access to motivational videos which will add enjoyment and motivation to your workouts. I get motivated by watching great athletes and other fitness enthusiasts passionately going for their goals.


I hope these tips gave you a little extra juice to go out there and have fun with your workouts. For additional tips, secrets and effective plans, you may visit www.superfitt.com and let us know how we can help you.


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