10 Ways to Make Money in College

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Most students are broke because they don’t know the ways for college students to make money or they think there is no time for that. But there are countless ways to make extra money for students. If only you could ditch the common excuses, you would realize greater ideas to empower yourself financially while studying. Some of the ideas that will be highlighted herein might be familiar to you while others could be completely new. You might take time to implement them but eventually, you should be able to make money as a student.

1. Blogging

There are numerous blogs that can teach you how to earn money as a student. You too can start your own blog or website and give your audience useful content. It may take some time to drive traffic to your site but it may turn out to be the most lucrative venture in your lifetime. To get started, you need a domain and web host. Once you’ve established a blog, reach out to local companies and teach them how to connect better with clients through the internet. They should pay you for marketing their services online. You can also help them to design their own websites once you become a pro.

2. Freelancing

Freelancing is a popular means of making extra money for students. You could benefit a lot if you have impeccable writing skills. Quality writing for book review help and other blogs can get you paid. Besides earning you extra bucks, academic writing helps you to think critically and land stellar internships.

3. Work study

Campuses always have job opportunities for students e.g. working in the library, athletic complexes, and so on. The best thing about work-study programs is that they are flexible enough to fit in your daily schedules.

4. Tutoring

Tutoring is a great opportunity for you to help others and acquire teaching skills. You also get a side income as you help the struggling students to master class materials. You could for instance help a foreign student learn a local language.

5. Renting stuff

This is a great way to get some cash in college. If you think you don’t have much to rent, you will be surprised by the number of items you have at your disposal. Perhaps you no longer use your bicycle, camping gear, car, or clothes. You can put these items to work by renting them out. You can even create a rental shop or contact an online platform to reach out to many clients. Use your social media sites to advertise your stuff as well.

6. Virtual assistance

There are a lot of businessmen out there seeking virtual assistants. These jobs come in many forms e.g. research work, writing for organizations, responding to emails, etc. If you are lucky to get a virtual assistant job, you might earn hundreds of dollars every month.

7. Recycling

This is another simple way to get extra money while in college. Most places can pay you for simply recycling bottles and cans. You are paid per every full bag of these recyclable items. Moreover, you will be helping to create a greener planet. Besides collecting bottles and cans, you can recycle scrap metals even though they are harder to get. Scrap metals make a lot more money than other recyclable items. Look for scrap metals such as copper if you want to make significant income.

8. Sell your hair

If you didn’t know, there are people who are willing to pay whatever it takes to get long hairs and beards. There are actually online markets that specialize in this business. You can post a message about selling your hair online and people will start contacting you to make a purchase.

9. Trade roadside gifts on holidays

You have probably seen some stands on the roadside during special days like Mother’s Day, and Valentines. Some of the best gifts to sell include flowers and edible treats like candy. Set your stands in strategic places like a road junction to double your investment. Also, take advantage of special occasions in your college e.g. sports day to sell relevant items and make sure that you have the permission from the school administration.

10. Sell your notes

Your notes can be a wonderful source of income and there are numerous ways to sell them. Most campuses have note-selling services whereby note takers are paid while the buyers are charged. But you can also sell your notes online on relevant platforms. It is possible to make $10,000 by selling your classwork notes. Apart from selling your notes, you can sell your papers to fellow students. So, do not throw away your past assignments because they might be of great help to students below your academic year. Old essays cost anywhere between 15 to 100 dollars. Since you write multiple term papers per semester, it means you can get a great side income.

College life is not as easy as it seems. There are a lot of pressures from studies, social climates, and parents. But the most overwhelming burden that students and recent graduates face is the student loan. Gladly, there are many ways to make money in college ,so you don’t have to sweat over expenses every day of your life. Start experimenting today and grab every opportunity that comes your way.


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