10 Things I Love About You


It takes less than a second between locking eyes with someone and realizing you have a crush on them. Well, that’s alright if it’s just someone you’re going to be ogling at or chewing your best friends ear off while talking about it hours on end. But, the same conditions can’t be applied to when you’re thinking of something more serious. However unconditional love is supposed to be, there are some things we need to be wary about while investing our time and emotions.

Here are 10 things that we think should be the basis of your relationship for it to be easy on the heart and heavy on emotion.


This is the foundation for any relationship; be it with their parents, siblings or friends. Your partner should respect you for who you are and what you do and this will be evident in the smallest of things like the way they talk to you or even their behavior during a fight

10 Things I Love About You

Sense of Humor

A good sense of humor will take you a long way. Notice if he/ she takes your jokes seriously or causally laughs it off and pokes fun back at you.

10 Things I Love About You


Chivalry isn’t limited to men. Watch out for a glimpse of politeness in their everyday doings.

10 Things I Love About You


We can all admit that making plans on the spur of the moment and having the least expected things done for us is a tad bit more exciting than a well thought out plan.

10 Things I Love About You

Willing to mingle with your friends

Although you’ll have found each other and nothing beats spending time alone with your beloved; it’s not something you can do every single day. It’s important for him/her to want to hang out with your friends as well.

10 Things I Love About You

Have good conversations

There’s only so many parties and movies you’ll can go for and talk about, after that it’s up to you’ll to move good conversation. Never underestimate the importance of one.

10 Things I Love About You


This is a golden trait but practiced very frugally. He/she needs to be slow to anger and exercise understanding when you’re not at your best.

10 Things I Love About You


Forgiving never comes easily. If he/she holds on to everything you do wrong and tries to even up later, it’s not going to be very smooth sailing.

10 Things I Love About You

Giving space

You need someone who will be there for you when you need it and who will understand and keep away when you don’t.

10 Things I Love About You


What makes us go on is when we’re appreciated for what we do. A partner who is really grateful for having you will not shy away from showing you off.

10 Things I Love About You


And of course, a person with a cute butt is always a bonus.

Although, a person with all of the above qualities is the stuff of dreams. Not to say it’s improbable, but if you do come across someone exhibiting these, consider yourself part of the lucky lot. Nevertheless, love isn’t something you go looking for, it happens to you, although it may take its time. But one thing is certain, you can’t control how someone else behaves as you can control yourself. So try making a habit out of the above. Have some respect, show spontaneity, chivalry and all of the others, every single day as much as you can. They say, you attract what you are.


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