10 Movies That Will Motivate You to Take Up a Career

Career Movies
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Sometimes, the best thing you can do when you’re bored or feeling demotivated is to watch content that can get your heart inspired. You need that fire burning in that dull mind to get you started on your ideas. Here is a list of encouraging movies to watch if you’re looking to take up a career.

The Intern

career movies
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An American Comedy that follows a retired 70-year-old (Robert DeNiro) who applies for a senior citizen intern program at About The Fit, an ever-growing fashion startup which was founded by a young woman, Jules Ostin (Anne Hathaway). This fun and a light-hearted movie makes us want to jump into the business with the two characters as they bring inspiring ideas to the table.

Dead Poets Society

Career Movies
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Starring Robin Williams, ‘Dead Poets Society’ is a collection of pure banalities that are in fact brave in nature.  It’s about how an unconventional English teacher inspires his students to reach their true potential. He challenges them to question the conservative views and do what their heart truly desires.

Night Crawler

Career Movies
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This thriller is about an amateur who is desperately looking for a job. After he stumbles upon a wrecked car that is being recorded by a cameraman, he finds his calling. Filled with deception, manipulation, and exploitation, Night Crawler is a film about a disturbed loner who becomes a sociopath, with a successful network of leads.

The Social Network

Career Movies
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Filled with spiteful personalities and sympathetic-yet-irritating characters, The Social Network is a masterpiece with its driving force being the character of Mark Zuckerberg who rarely smiles, doesn’t raise his voice, and never loses an argument. A break up led him to create his magnum opus, aka Facebook.

Up in the Air

Career Movies
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An observant film, Up in the Air features George Clooney as Ryan Bingham. His job profile is described as a Termination Facilitator which means he fires people for a living. His life is dedicated to visiting other people’s offices and firing them, pulling the rug out from under the people who thought their jobs were secure. An interesting watch that might get those rusty wheels some tuning, ‘Up in the Air’ is worth the watch.

Wolf of Wall Street

Career Movies
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Based on the autobiography of a broker who made a fortune on conning people with penny stocks, The Wolf of Wall Street sticks closely to Jordan Belford’s narrative. Even if we don’t approve the financial crimes, drugs, sex, and other indulgences, the hyper-energized lessons that we learn regarding sales and the career of a stockbroker are hypnotic.


Career Movies
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This exhilarating drama emphasizes in the fire and steel that is forged to make an artist reach his true potential. There is misery, humiliation and a lot of friction to keep a person entertained till the very end. The pressure that a person faces being the best and how toughness and perfection cannot be separated which is why the character in the movie ends up practicing until his hand bleeds.

Legally Blonde

Career Movies
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A comedy that balances sunshine and quick wit, Legally Blonde follows a young woman who seems perfect in every way. After she gets dumped, Elle (Reese Witherspoon) sets about to get her law degree as vengeance. Whoever said women who love to discuss grooming, makeup, hairstyles cannot be smart, needs to get their hands on this masterpiece.


Career Movies
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If the thrill of gambling excites you, then this one’s for you. Everyone is aware that the odds are in the favor of Vegas gambling industry. Therefore, the winners are less. Inspired by the real-life story of MIT students, ‘21’ gives us an insight into a system that is devised via simple math to provide a blackjack player an edge over the dealer.

Freedom Writers

Career Movies
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When a racially divided high school gets an all-white English teacher, suspicions and disrespect ooze out from the class at first. But the positive attitude of the teacher, Erin (Hillary Swank) hopes to change the feelings of resentment among the students, one classroom at a time. Freedom Writers is about a girl who decides to tell the truth, even at the cost of her own life. This movie is all feels, making us want to pick up a book and read about perspectives.

Which movie has inspired you to take up a career?


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