A Globetrotter’s Guide to Flying in Style

flying hacks

Flying is always an exciting experience. Some of us may travel for holidays or to get the net big business project but flying today is an integral part for many of our lives. How much ever the frequent flyers hate it, visions of traveling always bounce around in your head a night before flying. They can get pretty tiring and stressful so we are listing down 10 flying hacks to make your flying experience a bit more pleasant: –

Clear Cache

Clearing your browser’s cache and cookies in between the searches would ensure that you get the best, latest and potentially the cheapest fare tickets at that very moment.

Seat Select

There are many websites on the internet which provide a detailed seat map of each flight which is scheduled to fly. This can, in some way result in your experience in economy class feel a bit like business class, since you are at a liberty to choose the best seats, with more leg room, a better window view of seats which are easily accessible from any certain point of the aircraft.


It is advisable that you do your share of some fair bit of exercise before and after your fly on a long trip, but at the same time, making sure that you do not over exert for the same. A decent amount of exercise, totally subjective will rest your body, thus making it easy to fall asleep on treacherous long haul flights or once you have arrived in destination with a different time-zone.


If you cannot fly through a turbulence, it is advisable that you take a morning flight. Thunder storms and windy atmosphere occurs during the afternoons most of the time. A morning flight would thus be helpful in avoiding turbulence. Moreover, many people avoid flying in the morning so that tickets are also much cheaper.


During turbulence or other unpleasant occurrences, it is the sides which feel them the most and not the center of an aircraft. The middle to the rear section is also safer than the front part. Moreover, booking a seat near the wing section not only provides a spectacular view of the world below, but also give the flyer a safe passage to escape turbulences and in an unlikely case, an emergency exit.


Most of the luggage bags look pretty similar to one another and thus cause frustration at the baggage carrousel. Instead of getting confused in figuring out which of those bags is yours, it is advisable that you make your luggage easily recognisable. This can be done by some easily spotted markings on your suitcase, or choosing an offbeat colour for your travel suitcase.


Accept it, we all hate waiting in queues, and the queue for the security check can be frustratingly long. Pick the queue which is furthest to the left. Research shows that a majority of people are right-handed and thus choose to turn right. Sounds bizarre, but its surprisingly true.

Get the Glasses

If you wear contact lenses, it is often noticeable that your eyes get pretty dried up during your flight. This is due to the pressurized cabin and lower atmospheric pressure in totality. This can be avoided by wearing glasses instead of lenses. They may not be a fashion statement but at least it assures comfort for your eyes.


When the boarding call is finally announced, do not rush it up. Try and stay and further back in the line as you can. You will eventually get to your seat anyway, so there is no need to hassle. Moreover, you can even ask the flight attendants if there are any upgrades available. They might even bump you to business or first class.

Food & Entertainment

Try not to rely on an airline for good food or entertainment especially in the times of low-cost carriers. There have also been instances when in-flight systems have failed on long haul flights and it is really miserable to have nothing to do for a 15-hour flight. So to ensure that your trip is fun & exciting try to carry your own favourite snack and some books or videos to catch up besides much-needed beauty sleep.

Flying has always had its advantages and disadvantages. There isn’t anything you can do anyway, to avoid the long-haul flights so you might as well use some of the above-mentioned hacks to make your flight comfortable.


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