The 10 Best Apps For Learning Spanish


When you decide to start learning Spanish, it is not always possible to jump on a plane and spend your time somewhere in Granada or Mexico (for those in the USA). Still, if you are determined to have a great start by not leaving the comfort of your home yet, it is always helpful to install one or more helpful language apps that will become your trusty helpers in learning Spanish. 

Top 10 Apps That Help You Learn Spanish 

1. Spanish Translator Plus: This great app offers an extensive translator of sentences, a good dictionary, a tool for verb conjugation, interactive elements like quizzes and word cards, different ways to train your pronunciation, and even some built-in grammar tests. 

2. Learn Spanish+: It is the best solution for those learners who just want to start talking and do not care much about grammar peculiarities. It has over 101 lessons that do not make it overly complex, already pre-made phrases, and interactive tests to help you start communicating. If conversational Spanish is your way to learn, consider it among the possible options. 

3. Speak Easy Spanish: This app represents a great expression phrasebook that becomes helpful for travelers or those who would like to visit a restaurant or go shopping. It also has phonetic assistance to help non-natives read what is being said or written. The audio recordings included help a great deal. 

4. Mindsnacks’ Spanish App: Learning a foreign language should not be painful or boring, which is why this app makes things fun and uses different games to improve your vocabulary. It is the case when learning a language is a great benefit for your health since you won’t stop laughing! Learn it by practicing verbs, tenses, proverbs, and more. It is free and one of the best options for beginners and even young people. 

5. Hellotalk: Using this amazing app, you can talk to native Spanish speakers and learn in the best way possible. It works this way: you teach someone English and they help you with a foreign language in return. It is completely free and has video or text chat, translation tools. 

6. Busuu: As one of the most famous apps to learn a foreign language, it has many features that range from vocabulary exercises to grammar training and schedules for those who cannot dedicate lots of time to studies. 

7. Memrise: Enjoy great video clips, exciting games, and interactive tools to approach Spanish correctly. It is like talking to a good friend and mastering something foreign at the same time. Even if it won’t help you to translate an official document for your trip to Spain, it will make you feel better when you encounter someone who speaks Spanish. For the certified translations, check the top 10 translation companies. Remember to work only with those experts who have a legal right to deal with such kinds of tasks. 

8. Rosetta Stone: It has audio lessons, book excerpts, and grammar lessons to keep your pronunciation stellar. It does take some time to understand how this app works, yet it has a unique approach and a focus on culture. 

9. HiNative: It is a great app for those who want to deal with a community of fellow learners. It is mostly in Q&A format, which is essential when you need to ask about a grammar rule or find good examples with an explanation. 

10. Duolingo: You can approach Spanish by reading and practicing your skills. Keeping things interactive, this app works wonders at keeping people interested. 

Will It Help Me to Study Abroad?

Apps for Learning Spanish
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As a rule, it will because even the basic skills will help you write a personal statement and join a foreign exchange program that will deal with the course that interests you. You can also contact Spanish speakers yourself and consider the options abroad. For now, install one of the helpful apps, allocate some time, and follow your dreams! 


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