Zouk, Mumbai (For Two Persons Rs. 2000)


CUISINE: Mexican, Italian, Spanish, Chinese

BITES AND BOOZE: Some of the quirky preparations at Zouk include their signature Smokey Cocktails, Molecular Mixology, and Tiki Mixes with shots served in skull-shaped glasses. An absolute favourite among the combos, is the Bucket of Fries (Garlic Parmesan, Cajun and Rosemary) with exotic dips. The Veg Fiesta Nachos is a Mexican delight, with all the colours popping out on the plate and the flavours gelling perfectly well with each component of the dish. The Non-Veg Platter (an assortment of chicken and fish delicacies), Chicken and Mozarella, Mushroom Spinach Ricotta Rissotto, and the Vodka Tomato Cream Penne pasta take the cake in the main course meals. Speaking of cake, Zouk’s Latin American 3 Milk Cake is a sinful, not-to-be-missed dessert fit for all the sweet-tooth lovers out there.
FAB OR DRAB: For a gastro lounge, Zouk is a mix of snazzy and classy, where you can have a fun night out with your friends as well as an office party to chill with your colleagues. With its energetic vibe and the black and gold themed interiors, one can easily see it becoming the new hangout spot for the youth. Hotel Imperial Palace, 45, Telly Park Road, Andheri East, Mumbai – Nancy Varghese


Volume 4 Issue 10


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