YouTube’s best music channels


No, we’re not talking about Bruno Mars or Rihanna’s official YouTube channels. These are channels that demonstrate how creatively music can be used


What they do: Package history lessons in songs set to the melodies of pop hits.

What we love: The images of famous people from history singing Lady Gaga, Lilly Allen and Gwen Stefani tunes.

We recommend:



What they do: Perform originals and covers with nothing but a piano and a cello.

What we love: Their hauntingly beautiful music made with such few instruments.

We recommend:


Majestic Casual

What they do: Bring you the coolest music from artists you’ve never heard of.

What we love: Their collection of refreshing, genre-bending music.

We recommend:



What they do: Recreate popular film themes with obsolete floppy drives.

What we love: Everything! Who knew outdated technology could make music?

We recommend:


The Muppets

What they do: Create renditions of classical music in their own style – with clucking hens and monosyllabic words.

What we love: The absolute hilarity of their performances.

We recommend:


Mac Lethal

What they do: Original rap songs that are so fast you wonder if the guy has rubber lips.

What we love: The ingenuity with which each song is written and recorded.

We recommend:


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