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“What would you say or do to get your friends to stop smoking?”

Chaitanya Bayanwala – 20, Engineering student 

I would steal their cigarettes and throw them away; nobody has unlimited cash. Of course, I would ensure NOT to give him or her any loans. Once they cut back, it’s easier to coax them into stopping altogether.




Aashna Parikh – 19, BMS student

I will try to explain how messed up smoking can be and how it can ruin your life in the long term. If they doesn’t listen, then I would inform their family members so that they can help me to stop my friends from smoking. Whenever they would be with me, all their cigarettes would either be thrown away or crushed. So they wouldn’t dare light up one in front of me.





Ashutosh Bisani – 19, BMS student

Everybody does what they want to, though I can definitely get them to reduce the amount. The only option left for me would be to blackmail them emotionally. I would try my level best but people should be willing to help themselves.





Hamza Mirza – 22, Model

To help my friends to quit, I would recommend them to chew gum or eat any wafer whenever they feel like smoking. Smoking is more of a mental addiction; your mind keeps reminding you about smoking. If you want to stop it, you will just stop. You don’t have to think about it.



Priyanka Dhawan – 22, PR professional

I would advise them to use Nicorette, a chewing gum with nicotine; however, I genuinely believe there are people who will not listen at all. They will only quit when they want to.






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