Your Guide To Write The Perfect Statement Of Purpose

statement of purpose (SOP)
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The process of studying abroad involves many crucial aspects like deciding a country and university, managing funds, preparing for visas, filling the admission application form, submitting important documents, etc. One among these is the drafting of a Statement of Purpose. 

Let us start by understanding what a Statement of Purpose is. 

A statement of purpose is your chance to show the university/college/institution why you are a deserving candidate for their institute. While your grades and recommendation letters also convey to the admission officers that you are deserving of a seat, a statement of purpose commonly called SOP is your first-hand opportunity to show put it in words why you are not just deserving but also a perfect fit for the university.

Follow the below steps to write the perfect SOP

An SOP has three main parts just like any other normal essay; an introduction, body and a conclusion.

Introduction: Your introduction must start with a softer and interesting statement. It should reveal your interest in the field that you have chosen. You can start by explaining how and when you developed an interest in the field. Remember, your introduction should be such that the admission officer must get engaged in your story.

Body: The body of your essay is where you will put the maximum of crucial information about yourself. Here you have to mention how your school life was, however, be careful of not going too much into the details. You can talk about specific events that contributed to changing the course of your journey (if any). You must mention your college life. Which field of study did you choose and why, in which extra-curricular activities did you participate, what projects did you carry out, your achievements, which qualities did you learn which you think will help you in studying in a foreign university, etc. You must also talk about your interests and hobbies. If you underwent any challenges, then how did you deal with it and what did you learn from them. You must also mention your future goals, both long term and short term.

In the body, you must showcase your qualities and talent however be careful of not sounding over confident and boastful.

Conclusion: Here you must state concrete reasons behind choosing in a particular country and university. You must mention why you think the university will be the right choice for you. You must mention why and how your interests tailor with that of the university’s goal. Make sure you end your essay by assuring the university that you will prove to be the right kind for them and will meet with their expectation and standards.

Basic things to keep in mind while writing an SOP

  • An SOP must be a minimum of 800 and maximum 1000 words. Remember, the officers read hundreds of SOPs, so don’t write a lengthy essay.
  • Your SOP must have a personal touch to it. The reader must relate to what you are saying. He/she must be able to feel your emotions through your words.
  • Do not drift away from the purpose. Stick to the main motive of writing the statement, which is to convince the officer for granting you admission.
  • Your SOP must sound confident. The officer must feel that you know exactly what you want from life.
  • Don’t share very personal problems. It might not work in your favor.
  • Make sure your essay is free from all kinds of grammatical errors. Get it proofread by at least 2-3 people from your circle.
  • Don’t speak negatively about anyone or anything, especially your country.
  • Don’t sound fake and needy. Be genuine.

An SOP is one of the most important documents in your study abroad process. It can make or break your admission application. You must dedicate a good amount of time in drafting your statement of purpose. Remember, since there are no personal interviews, this is the only chance you get to convince the admission committee. 


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